Jun/7 - 17, 2020 Sanno Festival at Hie Shrine

Sightseeing information about Jun/7 - 17, 2020 Sanno Festival at Hie Shrine in Japan.

Jun/7 - 17, 2020 Sanno Festival at Hie Shrine4.7

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 from 6/7 '20 to 6/17 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, Sanno Festival '20 has been canceled. Only the ritual by the priests will be held. Please check the official website.

The Sanno Festival at Hie Shrine is one of the three great festivals of Tokyo, along with Kanda Festival and Fukagawa Festival.
During 11 days, the various events such as a Shinto music and dance performance, tea ceremony, a taiko drum performance, and a parade of children dressed in court pages are held everyday.

During the Edo period (1603-1867), portable shrines known as mikoshi and festival floats were allowed into the grounds of Edo Castle. Starting with Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third Tokugawa shogun, Japan's shoguns (military commanders) attended and worshipped at the festival.

The main attraction of Sanno Festival is the Jinko Festival, 300-meter long procession parade of floats and mikoshi carried by 500 participants, but it's held only once every 2 years. (Next will be held in 2022.)

Access: a 5-min walk from Kokkaigijidomae Station, or a 3-min walk from Tameike-Sanno Station

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5.03 weeks ago

Very nice and serene place of worship in a very busy neighborhood. Great place to calm down after or during a busy day.

Easily accessible by escalators. Be sure to walk around the whole premises. There are many interesting views to be seen.

5.02 weeks ago

Enjoyed the walk and greenery inside the crowded urban area. It was little different to other shrines, it´s beautiful and the torii gates path is so beautiful and great for pictures. Highly recommended for some beautiful pictures.

5.03 weeks ago

A decent Tokyo alternative to Fushimi Inari Shrine if you can’t go to Kyoto.

5.06 months ago

Wanna visit a shrine that is not crowded with tourist? This is the place. I love the calm and serenity of the ambience there. Take all my stress away.

5.06 months ago

Very interesting and quiet pocket of Japan. A much smaller and personal shrine compared to some of the bigger more tourist based shrines and temples. People here are very respectful and you should keep your distance if taking pictures or selfies.
Maybe say a little prayer or two like the local do.
It didn't seem too busy in the morning and there was alot of food choices at the train station a few moments away.