5/3~5/5 HIROSHIMA Flower Festival

Sightseeing information about 5/3~5/5 HIROSHIMA Flower Festival in Japan.

5/3~5/5 HIROSHIMA Flower Festival 4.2

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 from 5/3 '21 to 5/5 '21


The Hiroshima Flower Festival is one of the biggest annual events held in Hiroshima. A celebration of flowers, nature, music and peace, the festival takes place along Hiroshima Peace Boulevard over a three-day period during the "Golden Week" long holiday each May, attracting well over 1,600,000 visitors from all over Hiroshima Prefecture and beyond.
The festival features Parades(Flower Parade and YOSAKOI Parade), Stage Shows, and Flowers adorning Hiroshima.

Dates : May 3, 4, and 5
Venue : Heiwa Memorial Park
Admission : Free
Access : JR Hiroshima Sta.

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1.0a year ago

A historical place for the people around the world

5.0a year ago

One of the must-visit places in Hiroshima

5.0a week ago

This place would mesmerize you and will make you cry if you are a compassionate to the victims of World War 2.
In 1945 total population of Hiroshima was 350 thousand of which 140 thousand died in the same year. Can you believe a single bomb had wiped out almost 50% of the total population?
This park is well maintained and visited by thousands everyday remembering the curse of World War II.
There are several monuments that depicts the history and culture of Hiroshima in 1945.
The park, musuem and everything in here is totally accessible. So this place could be a great place for people with disabilities.
I have seen school students in groups with their teachers visiting the park. This is good to create a sense of saying NO to nuclear weapons.

It's a lifetime achievement if you paid a visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

5.02 months ago

Perfect blend of history, culture, and nature.
(+) The park itself is quite expansive. It could definitely be a full day's event, especially if you visit the museum.
(+) There are loads of statues, towers, and significant markers spread across the park, so there is something to see / read / learn at every turn.
(+) There is so much open space, it's an ideal place for a picnic. Bring a blanket and pick up some food and enjoy the scenery. There are also many benches along the river facing the Atomic Bomb Dome.
(+) There are clean public toilets throughout the park and a few vending machines with drinks.
(+) Even thought the site has a horrific historical significance, it's remarkably peaceful and beautiful.

5.0a year ago

Such a powerful and sombre place to visit