Jul. 24th ~ Jul. 25th Osaka Tenjin Festival

Sightseeing information about Jul. 24th ~ Jul. 25th Osaka Tenjin Festival in Japan.

Jul. 24th ~ Jul. 25th Osaka Tenjin Festival4.5

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 from 7/24 '19 to 7/25 '19


The "Tenjin Festival" in Osaka is said to be one of the three biggest festivals in Japan together with the Tokyo · Kanda Festival, Kyoto · Gion Festival, held on July 24th and 25th every year, where 1.3 million people visit each year.

The Osaka Tenjin Festival itself is taking place from the end of June to July 25th across about a month.
Among them, as the famous Tenjin Festival on July 24th and 25th, the last 2 days are the most famous, Gal Mikoshi and dedicated fireworks are established as events that bring the bustle of Tenjin Festival.

Every year, the day before Tenjin Festival Yomiya, "Tenjin Festival Gal Mikoshi" goes around the Tenjinbashisuji shopping street on July 23rd at 12 o'clock.
Women who carry mikoshi in the year are elected in the general application, and they will take the mikoshi of about 200 kg in weight and go around the Tenjinbashisuji shopping street and enter the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine. Gal Mikoshi is famous as an event to the Tenjin Festival to add glamour.

On the night of the 25th at the main shrine, there is "Funatogyo (船渡御)", about 100 fleets come and go in the Okawa of Kita Ward Osaka City, lights of the ship and lights of the lantern emerge on the river surface, about 5000 oblation fireworks color the night sky. A ship with about 12,000 people gathered some and go across 7 kilometers. The festival will reach its climax when a call of "Osakajime" and a festival calls resonate with each other.

Yomiya July 24th (Tue)
4: 00 ~ launch (the first drum)
7: 45 ~ Evening festival
8: 30 ~ Hokonagashi Parade March
8: 50 ~ Hokonagashi Shinto ritual
11: 00 ~ Angu Festival (Angusai)
11: 30 ~ Yamakageryugishiki-hocho ceremonial oblation
12: 00 ~ Tenjinko Shishi lion dance
16: 00 ~ Myooshi-daiko (drums) Regional Tour
16: 15 ~ Dondoko-fune (Ship) Miyairi Hokonagashi Shinto ritual restoration
18: 40 ~ Noh Theater performed at night by fire on the water
19: 00 ~ Myooshi-daiko (drums) Miyajiri
19: 30 ~ Lion dance Miyairi

Main shrine July 25th (Wed)
13: 30 ~ Main shrine festival
14: 15 ~ Shrine Divine Spirit transportation
15: 30 ~ Rikutogyo(陸渡御) departure
17: 30 ~ Funatogyo (船渡御) departure
18: 00 ~ Funatogyo (船渡御)
19: 30 ~ On-Boat festival
19: 30 ~ Oblation fireworks (until 20:50)
21: 00 ~ Start Miyairi of the Myooshi-daiko (drums)
22: 00 ~ Kangyosai Festival (還御祭)

The place of Osaka Tenjin Festival 2018 is Osaka Tenmangu shrine. At Osaka Tenjin Festival 2018, however, a shrine using a boat will be held. Therefore, at Osaka Tenjin Festival, the venue will change for each priest. The dedicated fireworks of Tenjin Festival will be launched from Sakuranomiya Park · Kawasaki Park.

Access: 5 minutes on foot from "Osaka Tenmangu Station" on JR Tozai Line
Subway Tanimachi Line · Sakaisuji Line "Minamimorimachi Station" 5 minutes on foot

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