May/18-19, 2019 Ohara Festival in Shibuya

Sightseeing information about May/18-19, 2019 Ohara Festival in Shibuya in Japan.

May/18-19, 2019 Ohara Festival in Shibuya4.2

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 from 5/18 '19 to 5/19 '19


The Ohara Festival in Shibuya is a reproduction of a festival in Kagoshima prefecture.
It features the Dance Parade, thousands of dancers perform "Oharabushi", "Shibuya-Ondo", "Tokyo Ohara", etc., which some of them are born in Kagoshima prefecture.
In addition, there are local shops and food stands from Kagoshima. Enjoy!

Dates: May 18,19, 2019 (the main event is on 19th,12:50~16:10)
Venue: Dogenzaka, Bunkamura Street, in Shibuya
Access: Shibuya Station

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