Jun/5, Atsuta Festival (canceled)

Sightseeing information about Jun/5, Atsuta Festival (canceled) in Japan.

Jun/5, Atsuta Festival (canceled)4.2

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 from 6/5 '20 to 6/5 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, Atsuta Festival has been canceled in 2020. Only the ceremony will be held. Please check the official website.

Atsuta Shrine located in Aichi Prefecture, and is regarded as one of Japan's most sacred shrines behind only Ise Shrine. The shrine is around 1,900 years old and is believed to be the home of the Sacred Sword Kusanagi of the Emperor, one of the three imperial regalia.
The Atsuta Festival is held every June 5th and is most important festival in Atsuta Shrine, where the Imperial Envoy sent by the Emperor participate in the rituals with the local priests.Within the shrine's premises, rare traditional and martial arts performances, as well as other unusual forms of entertainment are held as offerings to the deities.
In addition, a fireworks show with about 1,000 shots is launched from the nearby Jingu Park at night.
Enjoy the festival along with local tasty food!

Date : June 5
Hours : 10:00~ 
Venue : Atsuta Shrine
Address : 1-1-1 Jingu, Atsuta Ward, Nagoya, Aichi
Access: Atsuta Station of the JR Line, or Jingunishi Station of the subway Meijo Line, or Jingu-mae Station of the Meitetsu Nagoya Line
Admission : Free

PurposeFestivals,night view,shrine/temple,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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