Tokyo Dragon Boat Tournament 2019 in Odaiba Marine Park

Sightseeing information about Tokyo Dragon Boat Tournament 2019 in Odaiba Marine Park in Japan.

Tokyo Dragon Boat Tournament 2019 in Odaiba Marine Park3.4

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 from 5/18 '19 to 5/19 '19


Dragon boats racing involves teams of 10–20 people along with one drummer, and one helmsperson. This event features various categories, including open races, mixed races, female races, senior races, junior races, and more. The sport is enjoyed by all ages in rivers, lakes, and oceans across Japan. This ‘new sport’ is gaining traction and popularity around the world, too, from Asia to Europe, with tournaments taking place far and wide.

May 18, Boat Riding Experience
May 19, Boat Tournament and Kids Race

Venue: Odaiba Kaihin Park
Access: Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station on Yurikamome Line

PurposeFestivals,beach,kids,family,sightseeing,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Yurikamome line Odaiba-kaihinkoen St. (about 300m) Google Transit


2.03 weeks ago

Could someone tell me why is this called a park??? There is a pathway along the peer/sand beach (I'd stay out of water unless you want to glow in dark or have your internal organs melt) and a few trees along side of it. Nothing more.. This is not a park!! Period. I am not saying it is not an enjoyable walk on a nice day, because it is; but this is mostly dependent on your company and less so on the surroundings.

5.04 weeks ago

One of the beautiful parks in Tokyo. Very close to sea. Popular among tourists as well as among the Japanese. The park is bit crowded in weekends. Food points, vending machines are available for convenient dining. This is situated close to Aqua City Odaiba.

5.02 weeks ago

100% would recommend going! The whole area of odaiba is really beautiful! For a person who would like to see the sea, do shopping, go to an museum or just wondering around!

The railway and the water bus are worth both experiencing.

5.0a week ago

Our favourite place in Tokyo :) We visit every time we come here. The journey on the Yurikamome line gives you a great view of the docklands and the skyscrapers of Tokyo. The beach at Odaiba is wonderful and there are a lot of shopping malls / outlets around

5.0a month ago

Odaiba has many attraction. Specially you floor small kids to adults. Everyone can enjoy here.
Good food and restaurants available. To see all attractions you need to walk.