Tokyo Dragon Boat Tournament 2019 in Odaiba Marine Park

Sightseeing information about Tokyo Dragon Boat Tournament 2019 in Odaiba Marine Park in Japan.

Tokyo Dragon Boat Tournament 2019 in Odaiba Marine Park3.4

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 from 5/18 '19 to 5/19 '19


Dragon boats racing involves teams of 10–20 people along with one drummer, and one helmsperson. This event features various categories, including open races, mixed races, female races, senior races, junior races, and more. The sport is enjoyed by all ages in rivers, lakes, and oceans across Japan. This ‘new sport’ is gaining traction and popularity around the world, too, from Asia to Europe, with tournaments taking place far and wide.

May 18, Boat Riding Experience
May 19, Boat Tournament and Kids Race

Venue: Odaiba Kaihin Park
Access: Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station on Yurikamome Line

PurposeFestivals,beach,kids,family,sightseeing,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Yurikamome line Odaiba-kaihinkoen St. (about 300m) Google Transit


4.03 weeks ago

it is a nice place BUT too many tourists at times. the place is nice to take day pics and night pics as well. but i prefer it at night. it is nice to just sit and listen to the waves. it is relatively quite cool as well at night. it is one place that you csn never get tired of in my opinion. eventual there isnt anything to do. it is nice to just take a walk or enjoy some quiet time.

5.0in the last week

Try King of the Pirates. Wide selection of drinks. You can even mix your own vodka. Don't miss out on their bbq too 👌

5.0a month ago

Small family park with a beach. It was under renovations when we went. Nice place to hang out during weekends. Do not expect to swim. I mean you still could, i saw mostly kids getting completly in the water while adults will just dip a toe or two.

5.0in the last week

Great tourist shopping, hotel, tokyo bay parkland and views of the Rainbow bridge and mini statue of liberty!! Odaiba is a great day out with the kids. Dont miss Palette town and the Toyota pavilion and historic motorcar themed exhibit!!

2.02 months ago

Could someone tell me why is this called a park??? There is a pathway along the peer/sand beach (I'd stay out of water unless you want to glow in dark or have your internal organs melt) and a few trees along side of it. Nothing more.. This is not a park!! Period. I am not saying it is not an enjoyable walk on a nice day, because it is; but this is mostly dependent on your company and less so on the surroundings.