Aug/6 Peace Memorial Ceremony and Lantern Floating in Hiroshima

Sightseeing information about Aug/6 Peace Memorial Ceremony and Lantern Floating in Hiroshima in Japan.

Aug/6 Peace Memorial Ceremony and Lantern Floating in Hiroshima4.1

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 from 8/6 '19 to 8/6 '19


The City of Hiroshima holds the Peace Memorial Ceremony every August 6th to console the souls of those who were lost due to the atomic bombing, as well as pray for the realization of everlasting world peace.
This ceremony, which is attended by many citizens, including those who lost family members in the bombing, is held in front of the Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims (Monument for Hiroshima, City of Peace).
The Peace Declaration, which is delivered by the Mayor of Hiroshima during the ceremony, is sent to every country in the world, thus conveying Hiroshima's wish for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the realization of eternal world peace. 

At exactly 8:15 a.m., the time the atomic bomb was dropped, the Peace Bell is rung, sirens sound all over the city and for one minute people at the ceremony grounds, in households and in workplaces pay silent tribute to the victims of the atomic bombing and pray for the realization of everlasting world peace.

From 18:00 p.m., there is a lantern floating which around 10,000 lanterns are put into the water next to the A-bomb memorial. Anyone is welcome to write messages of peace on the lanterns.
You can purchase a lantern for 600 yen at the reception, and staff members will help you assemble your lantern by giving it a wooden frame and light a candle in it.

Date and Time
August 6th, AM 8:00 ~ AM 8:45

Peace Message Lantern Floating : PM 18:00 - PM 21:00
Venue: Motoyasu River

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4.0a month ago

The Cenotaph is inside the Peace Memorial Park. It's a monument to remind us about the horrors of the war and those who died.

5.06 months ago

Nothing can prepare you for the solemn feeling that can be felt when you're at this cenotaph and what this memorial symbolizes. Here's to hope and peace.

5.09 months ago

Educational, thought provoking, moving, angering, saddening . All things to attribute to the location of the world’s first nuclear/atomic weapon use. A prescient and critical reminder of what horrors the human mind is capable of if given the tools and authority to enact its more primal urges. Even more important given today’s global political climate.

5.07 months ago

Beautiful architecture. Donated some coins and prayed for peace. Worth the visit.

5.04 months ago

You can still pick gold teeth out of the wall! Totally worth it.