Apr/28 - May/5/2019 Kurikara Double-Cherry-Blossom Festival

Sightseeing information about Apr/28 - May/5/2019 Kurikara Double-Cherry-Blossom Festival in Japan.

Apr/28 - May/5/2019 Kurikara Double-Cherry-Blossom Festival3.5

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 from 4/28 '19 to 5/5 '19


Kurikara Park is located in Toyama Prefecture in the Japan Sea coastal area.
There are many historical sites related to the Genpei War in the park. The Kurikara Battle Field which is known for the "Kagyu no Kei", a surprise attack, by Kiso Yoshinaka which led to the defeat of the Heike clan. About 6,000 Sakura cherry trees bloom beautifully in spring in this park. At night, cherry trees are lit up, and it creates a mysterious yet beautiful scenery. You shouldn't miss

On April 28 and 29, pounding rice cake(mochi) party is held in the Kurikarafudouji temple precincts for praying avoidance of bad luck.
Approximately 65 thousand people visit the festival every year.

Sakura Light-up: late-April till early-May

Access: 15 minutes by car from Isurugi Station on the Ainome Toyama Railway
*There will be the additional temporary bus on April 28,29.

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