National Treasure Matsumoto Castle "Takiginou"

Sightseeing information about National Treasure Matsumoto Castle "Takiginou" in Japan.

National Treasure Matsumoto Castle "Takiginou"3.4

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 from 8/8 '19 to 8/8 '19


Alongside Hikone Castle, Himeji Castle, Matsue Castle and Inuyama Castle, it is one of the 5 National Treasure castles. Among the existing Gojyu-rokkai castle towers, the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle is known to be the oldest, and on August 8th Takiginou is held as the annual event for every summer.

The Noh stage illuminated by fire lights (Kagaribi) is wonderfully fantastic, and when the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle floats in dusk, the sounds of the drum and the whistle echoes, and the Noh instructor dance will allure the viewers into a world of delicate beauty.
After watching the fire light stage, the magnificent Matsumoto castle emerging in the dark night is also a must-see!!
Duration time: 17: 30 ~ 20: 30 (opening 17: 30, starting 18: 00)
Venue: National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Honmaru garden Special stage
Entrance fee: from 15: 00 until 20: 30, Honmaru garden is free
※However, those who climb the castle tower from 8:30 to 18:00 (last entry is 17:30) will have additional fee charged
Admission fee: Free
Cast: Noh "Hosho-ryu " Hosho Kazufusa Master
Activities: Noh / Kiyotsune, Kyogen / Kagyu, Noh / Nue
When the mountain ranges of the Northern Alps are dyed in madder red color, a burning ceremony is held in the Honmaru garden. It brings out the uniqueness of the stage and spectators with unique outdoor performances. Enjoy the Japanese traditional arts at midsummer night.

Entry fee for Matsumoto Castle and Matsumoto city museum main building will be free from August 11th to 19th if you visit in Japanese style wear such as Yukata or Jinbei. Let's walk through emotionally rich Matsumoto castle and the old good streets of the castle town.
Duration time: 8: 00 ~ 18: 00 (last entry 17:30)
Venue: Location National Treasures Matsumoto Castle / Matsumoto City Museum Main Building (adjacent to Matsumoto Castle)
Admission: Free, when wearing Japanese clothing (Yukata / Jinbei) ※since the stairs in the castle are steep, there are parts that are difficult to climb.
During the summertime extension period, guests who visit with Japanese clothes will be entitled to enter the National Treasures Matsumoto Castle and Matsumoto City Museum Main Building free of charge.
Please walk along experiencing the old good streets and culture of 'Matsumoto Castle' or 'Castle Town' with emotional rich sounds in Japanese clothes.

Summer special public exhibition of Taikomon (inside Taikomon turret)
Publication period is 51 days from the release date July 14th (Saturday) to September 2nd (Sunday)
Opening time: 8: 30 ~ 17: 00
Venue: historic site Matsumoto Castle Taikomon
Admission: Free
Contents The Taikomon Gate was built around Bunraku 4th (1595), and the Taiko-roh placed on the gate Taipei Ishigaki played an important role as a source of signaling for times, signs for towering castles, cues for urgent messages, etc. It was restored in March 1999 and is open to public three times every year in April, July and October.

Access: 15 minutes on foot from JR Matsumoto Station

Purposeeasily accessible,elderly,world heritage,knows a lot about Japan,shrine/temple,sightseeing
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5.0a month ago

One of my favorite castle in Japan, i went there in the afternoon after visiting Nagano in the morning... Just seeing the castle getting bigger as i walk to it was giving me shivers! On pics it looks nice but to see it in person that's another thing!! You can feel the history of that castle when you see it with your own eyes! The you can visit the museum inside. I really liked it and recommend it to everyone!

5.0a week ago

Matsumoto Castle 松本城 and the parks around are very beautiful. It's the last Samurai castle that was conserved on private endeavor. Now it's a magnet for tourists and one of Japan's spectacular sights.
It's nothing but beautiful.
You can enter the castle for a little charge.

4.02 months ago

Well worth the climb.
The castle was very busy with local and foreign tourists which means we could not take our time to the top because there was always a crowd behind us. That said, the interior opened our eyes to the life of the Samurai and his Lord. Surrounding gardens were beautiful and had a great display of cherry blossoms in mid April.

4.03 weeks ago

The castle looks very beautiful when it is lit at night. The hidden floor concept is interesting.

Elderly people please be warned before buying the ticket that the stairs leading to the top are very steep and difficult to navigate. Many of the exhibits display information in Japanese language.

5.04 weeks ago

Beautiful japanese castle. Be careful as the steps inside are very steep so you better have good knees. The history surrounding the place is spectacular as it is the oldest castle in Japan in original form. Well worth a side trip when you're going/coming to/from the alpine route.