The 45th Hokkaido Balloon Festival

Sightseeing information about The 45th Hokkaido Balloon Festival in Japan.

The 45th Hokkaido Balloon Festival3.8

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 from 8/10 '18 to 8/12 '18


In Tokachi · Kamishihoro Town (Kamishihorocho) which is known nationwide as a balloon's sight, they hold balloon festivals every summer gathering participants every year.
A traditional balloon festival held in Kamishihorocho in Hokkaido, a lot of hot air balloons rise in Tokachi - Kamishihorocho, where refreshing summer Hokkaido, a clear blue sky, everlasting green and golden rice-ears wave in the wind. Since the competition is also held at the same time, it is also a great appeal to be able to enjoy the hot air balloon that flies high in the sky up close.
It is getting hot attention from the balloonist in various parts of the country, competition and prize race is held at this festival, entrusting their skills to the balloon and fly to the sky of Kamishihorocho. Drop sandbags called markers from the balloon and compete with each other about how close they are to the target on the ground.

Incidentally, in addition to boarding for the general public, stage events and sales of local specialties and local specialties of Tokachi, will rise excitingly for 3 days. You can get the taste of the festive feeling.

On the last day there is a show of a hot air balloon floating in the night sky. Night glow where colorful balloons emerge in the night sky by burning all at once is a must-see.

At the venue, stalls are arranged and various events are also available.

In addition, there are also the vast farms in the vicinity "Naitai Takahara Ranch" in Japan and "Ryugetsu Sweet Pia Garden" famous for sweets, and "Nukabira Gensenkyo" where you can enjoy good quality hot springs.

Date: 2018 Aug. 10th (Fri) – 12th (Sun)
Hot air balloon experience Boarding time: 7 o'clock - 9 o'clock, 15 o'clock - 17 o'clock (Nai Tai highland farm opens early in the morning from 5:30.)
Place: Kamishihorocho, Hokkaido Kato-gun Baseline 241 Kamishihorocho Kokukoen
Access: Approximately 50 minutes by car from Obihiro city
Fee: Adult 1000 yen Child (elementary school student or below) 700 yen ※ fee only for experiences boarding. Show viewing is free, some events are charged.

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