2018 Aug. 18th The 28th Akagawa Firework Festival

Sightseeing information about 2018 Aug. 18th The 28th Akagawa Firework Festival in Japan.

2018 Aug. 18th The 28th Akagawa Firework Festival4.1

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 from 8/18 '18 to 8/18 '18


Since it is also the "Nationwide Design Fireworks Competition" where top pyrotechnicians (fireworks manufacturers) compete, the biggest feature is that you can enjoy watching extremely high-level fireworks.
Everyone will be overwhelmed by the wideness with maximum launch length 700m which ranked in top 10 of the "Japan's Fireworks 100 Selections", it is rated as one of the best of the fireworks competition nationwide, and many fans come from all over the country visit every year.
The opening starts with a powerful countdown with the audience. After that, selected pyrotechnicians from all over the country compete their skills. It is a unique original competition that fully utilized the Akagawakahan area, and the high ambience from the mass seat will make you look straight above. Especially the exciting ending is a must see!

At the Akagawa fireworks festival, it is crowded with many stalls and street booths around the Akagawa riverbed every year.
There is no trouble finding food and drinks.

Fireworks launch date: 2018 August 18th (Saturday), ※Canceled only in case of heavy rain
Launch time: 19:15 ~ 21:00 (opening at 18: 45 ~)
Number of launches: 12,000
Annual population: 300 thousand people
Popularity rating: No.1 in Yamagata Prefecture
Address: 8-5 Isehara Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture
Public transportation: JR Tsuruoka Station → 15 minutes by extra bus, get off at the venue, 6 minutes on foot
By car: 6km 13 minutes from Yamagata Tsuruoka IC via National Route No.47

PurposeFestivals,nature,fireworks of Japan,let's hang out!,an eating tour
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長岡花火大会も何回か観に行ってますが、花火大会の開催意味も違うけれど、一言凄い‼️ 目の前で、打ち上げ場所も近く凄い迫力、首痛くなりました〜ははは〜❣️ 又、来年も観に来たいと思います(^o^)

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