Aug/1, 2020 Tanuki Festival "Tanuki Hattoku Reitai-sai "

Sightseeing information about Aug/1, 2020 Tanuki Festival "Tanuki Hattoku Reitai-sai " in Japan.

Aug/1, 2020 Tanuki Festival "Tanuki Hattoku Reitai-sai (regularly held Festival)"3.8

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 from 8/1 '20 to 8/1 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, the Mikoshi Procession and the night bazaar have been canceled in 2020. Please check the official website.

The Tanuki Festival (Tanuki Matsuri) is a festival with the concept of enjoying traditional shopping streets continuing since 1873. During the period, there are nearly one million visitors.
Sapporo Tanuki-Koji shopping street is one of the oldest shopping streets in Hokkaido with a history of over 140 years. It is a shopping arcade across the center of Sapporo from East to West about 1 km with approximately 200 stores such as souvenir shops and karaoke shops, recently it has become a popular area for tourists from abroad as well.
During the festival the whole area of the Tanuki-Koji shopping street is decorated with a Tanuki (raccoon) motif, and the Tanuki Hattoku Reitai-sai, a cute kid’s Tanuki Mikoshi, energetic Tanuki Mikoshi passing, and Tanuki drum performance are performed. On the final Saturday of July during the festival is the highlight of the festival the Night Bargain, with a lineup of special sale items and tastefully appointed shops opens, as well as events filled with plans for children and adults to enjoy.
There are lots of stage events and stalls, and you can enjoy while eating. It is a great success every year.
Outdoor live is also held in Tanuki-Koji 1-Chome, becoming an annual event of the Tanuki Festival. Musicians that appeared during each year, has become the face of this festival.

Venue: Tanuki-Koji 1-7-Chome (Sapporo Chuo-ku Minami 2.3 Jo Nishi 1-7-chome) Tanuki-Koji shopping street, Honjin Tanuki Daimyojinsha shrine
Access: 5 minutes on foot from Oodori Station at the Subway Namboku Line, Tozai Line and Toho Line
3 minute walk from Susukino Station at the Subway Namboku Line

"Tanuki Hattoku Reitai-sai" is a festival of Honjin Tanuki Daimyojinsha shrine(本陣狸大明神社) that is settled on the Tanukikoji 5chome.
In the shrine there is enshrined the Tanuki Jizo which is said to have 8 virtues such as Honjin Tanuki Daimyojin and business prosperity.
Hattoku, in other words the eight graces are as follows,
1. Touch the head to improve academic achievement.
2. By rubbing the eyes and nose, acceptance, election and employment is determined.
3. By rubbing the shoulder to chest love is established, and awarded with a good match.
4. Stroking the pot-belly brings smooth birth, and also child care goes well.
5. Touching the bankbook, can gain trust and popularity from people.
6. Rubbing the stick can fend off disaster, and lead to traffic safety and good luck.
7. Tap the front with money, and be gifted with economic fortune and thriving business.
8. Hold down the tail for rejuvenating effect.

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