2018 Jun. 7th ~ Jul. 29th 13th Paramita Ceramics Grand Prize Exhibition

Sightseeing information about 2018 Jun. 7th ~ Jul. 29th 13th Paramita Ceramics Grand Prize Exhibition in Japan.

2018 Jun. 7th ~ Jul. 29th 13th Paramita Ceramics Grand Prize Exhibition3.0

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 from 6/1 '19 to 7/28 '19


The annual Paramita Ceramics Grand Prize Exhibition also celebrated the 13th time this year, and the method of selecting a grand prize by visitors voting has also been established.
This time as well, nominated by the art museums, art galleries and art critics nationwide, "Ceramic of the era" is recommended by art museums, art galleries, art critics nationwide, the top 6 artists are nominated, and works are exhibited at the venue of the Paramita Museum.
Prize selection will be decided during the exhibition period from June 7th to the end of the exhibition period by the visitors' voting results!
We are looking forward to a lot of voting by everyone.
* For people who voted for the Grand Prize writer, a memorial gift is presented from the Paramita Museum.
The name "Paramita" is derived from Sansakrit's "Haramita (波羅蜜多)" named after the exhibition collection of Masuo Ikeda's ceramic sculpture "Hanya Shingyo (般若心経) Series".

Voting period: 2018 June 7th (Thu) - August 8th (Sun) * Open all sessions
Paramita Ceramics Grand Prize Presentation Ceremony: 2018 July 22nd (Sun)
Paramita Ceramics Grand Prize 1 winner reward 1 million yen
Opening hours: 9:30 - 17:30
Admission fee: 1,000 yen for general, 800 yen for college students, 500 yen for high school students, free of charge for junior high school students and under
Artist List
: Akinaga Kunihiro (Hyogo)
: Inazaki Eriko (Kagawa)
: Inoue Masayuki (Ibaraki)
: Takeuchi Kouzo (Hyogo)
: Dewa Eri (Ishikawa)
: Yamada Kazu (Fukui)
Access by car: Get off at National Route 477 (Yunoyama Route) at Tomei Yokkaichi I.C. toward Yunoyama area about 6.5 Km
Public Transport: Get off at Kintetsu "Yokkaichi Station", change to Kintetsu Yunoyama line and get off at "Ohbaneen Station", about 25 minutes. 300 m

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