Aug/6, 2020 Miyajima Kangensai Festival

Sightseeing information about Aug/6, 2020 Miyajima Kangensai Festival in Japan.

Aug/6, 2020 Miyajima Kangensai Festival4.0

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The Kangen-sai Festival is the largest festival at Itsukushima shrine on the island of Miyajima, and one of the three great boat festivals in Japan. It mixes Shinto rituals with ancient court music known as kangen.
The Kangen-sai is a floating festival, and the musicians are towed on a beautifully decorated craft, between Itsukushima Shrine and other shrines on Miyajima and the mainland, by some very energetic oarsmen in smaller boats.

15:00 Hatsurensai-Shinto ceremony at Itsukushima Shrine.
16:00 The portable shrine is moved to the Goza boat and the boats depart the shrine heading toward O-torii Gate.
16:40 Ceremonial Gagaku music is performed at the gate. After the performance, the boats sail toward Jigozen shrine.
18:00 At Hotateiwa, Eba's rowing boat is unfastened from the Goza boat and goes ahead to Jigozen Shrine to dedicate a dance performance. The Goza boat and Aga rowing boats are anchored there and have dinner and sacred sake in the boats. After sunset, they light the lanterns.
19:20 The boats get to the shore in front of Jigozen Shrine. Ceremonial Gagaku music is performed in front of the shrine.
20:40 When the boats get to the shore in front of Nagahama Shrine, people on Miyajima greet them with paper lanterns. Ceremonial Gagaku music is performed. After the boats leave for Goza boat is rotated three times by Eba's rowing boat and the boats leave for Omoto Shrine.
21:30 Ceremonial Gagaku music is performed on the shore in front of Omoto Shrine.
22:30 Ceremonial Gagaku music is performed in front of Marodo Shrine. The boats get into Masugata and rotate three times, playing Gagaku music. This is the grand finale of the festival.
23:00 The portable shrine is moved back to Istukushima Shrine.

Date : August 6, 2020
Address : 1162-18 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima
Access: 10 mins by ferry from Miyajimaguchi pier

※Please check the official website.

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Airport/Sta.Miyajimaguchi Sta. (about 2.4km) Google Transit


5.06 months ago

We visited while the Tori gate was under construction which meant that we couldn’t see it at all. The shrine is also very beautiful but it would be much cooler to see on a high tide. The island is very beautiful and great for souvenir shopping. The maple cakes are also very good! You should try them, they’re not too sweet. Custard and chocolate are my favourites. The island also gives you a bit of access to beach which is nice to see if you’ve been in the city your whole trip otherwise.

4.03 months ago

Located at the base of Miyajima near the ferry port (10 min walk). Cool thing is that we went during low tide and was able to walk across the basin. Shrine is clean and easily accessible for anyone. You'll find wild deer and fawns all around the entrance. I recommend visiting this place for anyone coming to the island.

5.08 months ago

Good day trip recommended from Hiroshima. Travelled by train to Miyajima and jumped on a ferry to the island of Itsukushima. All fares were covered by our JR West Kansai Hiroshima Pass. Lots of places to explore on the island including this popular shrine, plenty of shops and food places to discover. We made it a point to try the oysters as it’s popular in the area. The friendly deers roaming around freely were quite adorable. Unfortunately, the torii gate was being renovated during our visit (November 2019). Make sure to allow several hours to spend on the island. And since we travelled pre-Covid19, we spent a bit of time lining up to board the ferry back to the mainland because of the huge number of visitors. Lines moved quickly though.

5.05 months ago

One of the most iconic place in the Japan. This Torii gate is standing over the sea of the most famous photographed example of the Japan. Usually the Shrine is open from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm and the time depend on the season. Most famous tourist destination and a world heritage.

5.0a month ago

I recommend going to the island in nice weather and high tide. Then the view is amazing, just like a picture. Nice place for a short trip.