Aug/9 - Sep/8, 2019 Sunflower Field in Sannokura Highland

Sightseeing information about Aug/9 - Sep/8, 2019 Sunflower Field in Sannokura Highland in Japan.

Aug/9 - Sep/8, 2019 Sunflower Field in Sannokura Highland4.1

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 from 8/9 '19 to 9/8 '19


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, "Sunflower Festival in Sannokura Highland" has been canceled in 2020. Please check the official website.

Every August, approximately 8.35 hectares slope on Sannokura Ski Resort is full of 2.5 million sunflowers.
Also, tourists can overlook the Aizu basin from the sunflower field.
The view of sunflower yellow carpet and blue sky is simply breathtaking.
During the sunflower season, you can enjoy such as a giant maze, a walk rally, a photo session, and a nice cafeteria.

Dates: August 9 (Fri) - September 8 (Sun), 2019
Venue: Sannokura Highland, Sannokura Ski Resort
Address: 857-6, Kitagongenmorikou, Aita, Atsushiokanou-machi, Kitakata-City, Fukushima Prefecture
Access: 50 mins-drive from Aizuwakamatsu IC on the Banetsu Expressway
40 mins by taxi from Kitakata Station
Fee: Free (200 yen donation for sunflower field)
Parking Lot: 500 lots are available
*Please check the official website for the latest information. We can't answer any questions about this article.

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Airport/Sta. Kitakata Sta. (about 11.7km) Google Transit


4.012 months ago

If you go from Kitakata to Atsushio Onsen, you can see the signboard.
I went in the middle of August, but the timing was delicate,
There was a fear that it might start to fall, but it seems to be crowded during the day, so I went near 4:00 in the evening.
The road goes up the hill, but the signboard appears every time, so I got on safely.
The parking lot was stopped nearby because my part-time brother was there and guided me, but it may be crowded during the day, so there is a possibility that it will be the second parking lot, manage and maintain the sunflower field You are asked for a donation to do so.
Although it can be entered free of charge, the donation of a reasonable level is cheap considering the entrance fee and parking fee of sightseeing spots in Tokyo. The sunflower field is in full bloom in one side and is a masterpiece.
I am so impressed that I planted so many seeds.
There are bees sometimes on sunflowers, but if you do not mischief, you will not stab,
I was able to see it slowly.
I recommend evenings that are more vacant than daytime.
There are also toilets, shops and cafeterias.
This is also recommended for Kitakata and Aizu sightseeing in summer.

4.0a year ago

It was healthy that all the sunflowers were facing the same direction. The slope is steep because it is a ski resort in winter. I think it's better to go to see while your legs are strong.

4.0a year ago

The time was off and it was still a bud
I also want to revenge.
Kitakata overlooked the other scenery and was beautiful!

5.0a year ago

It's too late to see sunflower seedling
But in this view Imagine if you imagine

4.02 years ago

I tried a few drops at the sightseeing in Urabandai sightseeing. As it is in mid-August, I thought that sunflowers were blooming all over, and only a part was blooming. However, part of it was very beautiful, and the view was also very good as it is on the hill. I think how wonderful sight was seen if it was in full bloom. I do not know how about it, but I think it would be wonderful if the spring rape blossoms, fall cosmos are similarly blooming all over.