Aug/26 - 27 Yoshida Fire Festival and Susuki Festival

Sightseeing information about Aug/26 - 27 Yoshida Fire Festival and Susuki Festival in Japan.

Aug/26 - 27 Yoshida Fire Festival and Susuki Festival3.5

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 from 8/26 '19 to 8/27 '19


Yoshida Fire Festival takes place annually on Aug.26 to 27 at Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. It's located at the foot of Mount Fuji.

On the evening of the 26th, about 70 - 80, three-meter high and two hundred-kilograms huge torches are lined along the Hommachi Street and set fire. Meanwhile, huts situated along the climbing rout will light up, too, echoing the bonfire. Then all of a sudden, the streets become like a sea of fire, which represents the climax of the festival, and this will continue till midnight.

Around 3pm of 26th, the Shinto rituals start at the Fuji Sengen Shrine and then two portable shrines carried by local men leave the shrine and parade throughout the town. When the sun sets, portable shrines arrives at their resting spot for a night.
On the 27th, Mikoshi portable shrines leave the resting spot and around the town, then come back to the Fuji Sengen Shrine at dusk. This festival is also known as Susuki Festival.

Yoshida Fire Festival is known as one of Japan's three major strange festivals.
You can also enjoy the walk-and-eat at festival food stalls along the main street.

Access: a 5-mins walk from Fujisan Station

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5.0a month ago

My favorite shrine in Japan. Been there in autumn, winter and summer, and I enjoyed taking a walk in this shrine during every single visit. Very zen and magical atmosphere. Makes you feel like a midget walking through the gigantic stone lanterns and trees along the path. The trees must have been thousand, if not, hundred years old.

5.0a week ago

Amazing shrine in fabulous condition - it is very hard to tell that it is bordering on ancient by looking at it. Maintenance and reverence keep this place (and many others like it) in pristine condition. We used it as the starting point for a trek up Fuji san. Lack of time and less than ideal weather stopped us a little over half way but that hardly matters - this place and the surroundings are absolutely fantastic.

5.04 months ago

One of the biggest shrine in this area - what was interesting was the status guarding the shrine: they were different from the other shrines where you usually have/see a worrier or a holy person guarding the shrine - here they were simply Samurai.
The tress were huge and quick calculation on internet put them to 250-300 years old.
If you manage to go late afternoon, you can have the place to yourself which makes the experience much more powerful.

3.02 months ago

A mid-sized temple beneath Mt. Fuji. Hikers can go there to pray for good weather before going up Mt. Fuji.

5.0a month ago

Very nice place will come back to visit again