Nara Tōkae Festival

Sightseeing information about Nara Tōkae Festival in Japan.

Nara Tōkae Festival4.0

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 from 8/5 '18 to 8/14 '18


At the venue of Nara Park, 'Nara Hall Festival' will be held which enjoys the light of about 20,000 candles. This began in 1999, candles will be lined up on one side of the Nara Park surrounded by World Heritages, and a fantastic mysterious sight will spread all over.
Soft lighted flowers will bloom all over in eight areas, such as Kofuku-ji Temple, Sarusawaike Pond, front of Nara National Museum and Ukimido etc. this year.

"Kagami-ike Pond of Todaiji Temple", "Kasugano-enchi Park", with colorful lights on the background of Todai-ji Temple Daibutsu-den Halls Shibi (an ornamental ridge end roof tile), "Ukigumo-enchi Park" with 4000 candles decorating as if stars are falling upon, is wrapped in the deep blue world of "Kasuga Taisha", the front of the Nara National Museum where the lights of candles stretches on both sides of the road, "Asajigahara" where the ancient world is represented with bamboo lights, "Ukimidou" emerges beautifully at Sagi-ike Pond with rainbow-colored light reflecting on the water surface, "Kofuku-ji Temple" illuminated majestic and mysteriously, Sarusawaike Pond illuminated with candles and 52 step bamboo lights, the trees are lit up at "Sarusawaike Pond and Gojyu-nidan steps", a fantastic view spreads in the garden.
Not only seeing but there is also "Ikkyaku-Itto (one light per person)" which anyone can participate in, the candle lighted with a wish will surely be a memorial night!!
Starting with the opening ceremony, various events will be held.
In recent years, it has become a big summer event that 800,000 people visit every year.

Venue Nara Park area (Ukigumo-enchi Park, Kasugano-enchi Park, Kofuku-ji Temple, Sarusawaike Pond etc.)
●Nara Park●
5-minute on foot from Kintetsu Line "Kintetsu Nara Station"
15 minutes on foot from JR Line "Nara station"
From JR Line "Nara station" or Kintetsu Line "Kintetsu Nara station", Nara Kotsu bus "Daibutsuden Kasuga-taisha mae" "Himuro-jinja National Museum" and other bus stops
※Sarusawaike Pond / 15 minutes on foot from JR Nara Station

The stalls are mainly in the vicinity of the Nara Prefectural Public Hall and the entrance path to Todaiji Temple.
There are also some stalls around Sarusawa pond near Kofukuji Temple.

【One Light per Person/ Let your own lights in the venue】
Reception time Tōkae period 19: 00 ~ 21: 30
Reception hall Ukigumo-enchi Park venue, and ~I・RA・KA~ (甍) venue
Cooperation fee 500 yen (with commemorative Sange)

PurposeFestivals,should go,easily accessible,world heritage,experience,night view,shrine/temple,sightseeing,major,let's hang out!,an eating tour
Airport/Sta.Nara Sta. (about 2.3km) Google Transit


5.0in the last week

A very large park filled with interesting things, least of all the famous docile deer. They are very entertaining and can be found all over the park, as well as deer cookie vendors selling packs of them for just ¥150. Well worth a few visits whilst in Nara.

5.0in the last week

Fantastic place to view temples, trees, and interact with deer. The deer that stand around the roads near the giant Buddha are a little aggressive and tend to nudge and sometimes bite if you seem like you have deer crackers in your possession. Would strongly suggest buying food for the deer from stores that don't have deer wandering super close by. Also make sure to have a closable bag to immediately hide your deer crackers after buying them (and during feeding). The deer away from the giant Buddha are much more well behaved, and would highly suggest walking to less crowded areas for the best deer interaction.

5.0in the last week

Nara Park is a deer lovers paradise. Wild deer, or 'Shika' roam free around Nara Park and the surrounding area. These deer are harmless (mostly). You can feed the deer by purchasing Deer Cookies from the local vendors (100-300¥). Be careful, the deer will rapidly surround you, and may start biting you if you do not give the cookies fast enough. Also watch any loose clothing or bags, they like to nip at whatever they can.

4.0in the last week

The famous deer park in Nara.
The deer, which are believed to be holy messengers, are allowed to roam around freely.
Visitors can buy deer biscuits (feed) at 150 yen.
They will swarm around you so try to feed when you see one or two instead of the entire herd. 😂
They are quite tame. Children will like them a lot! And yes, they do bow!

5.0a month ago

What a beautiful park!

The best part about this park and location is of course the Deer.

I was staying in Osaka which is a few train rides away, let's say an hour or so away. Google maps will be your best friend to help you navigate, just make sure you have a portable WiFi. This park is open 24 hours a day and open to the public at no charge. Once you arrive at the park it is nearly impossible to miss, this park is so big it's actually divided by streets and passing cars. The Deer are located everywhere and are roaming freely throughout the area. In the park you can find a couple locations where they sell deer cookies, for a small fee you can purchase a pack and walk around and start feeding deer. It's such a fun and exciting experience! The deer are so friendly and some even have great manners like if you bow up and down they copy you. You do have to very careful when feeding them because they do want more and sometimes they start to pile up in a group. So I was told by locals that when you are done feeding one or a couple slowly turn around and walk away, DO NOT RUN! If you run of course they are more likely to chase you.
I personally turned around slowly like I was told and the deer bit my shirt as I turned but not aggressive at all. You can also walk around and find a few temples to view and few local stands to do shopping and eating in the area.

This is a definite visit and I highly recommend it.


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