Jul/1 - Oct/31, 2020 Lake Toya Long-Run Fireworks Festival

Sightseeing information about Jul/1 - Oct/31, 2020 Lake Toya Long-Run Fireworks Festival in Japan.

Jul/1 - Oct/31, 2020 Lake Toya Long-Run Fireworks Festival3.2

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 from 7/1 '20 to 10/31 '20


Lake Toya is located in Shikotsu-Toya National Park and is the third largest caldera lake in Hokkaido.
The four islands in the center of the lake are called "Nakajima" and are home to a green primeval forest and animals such as Ezo deer and wild birds.
In addition to hot springs, you can enjoy horseback riding and canoeing.

Lake Toya Fireworks is a fireworks festival that lasts for six months, and its show has a different flavor depending on the season from spring to autumn, so you can visit several times to compare them. Approximately 450 fireworks are set off in 20 minutes.
During the summer festival in August, festival stalls are set up and a fairground is set up by the lake, where you can enjoy shooting, ring tossing and yo-yo scooping. It is very crowded with many people.

On some days during the long-run fireworks festival, there will be a program called "Large Underwater Fireworks, 5 shots in a row". (Cancelled in 2020) Each firework is 400 meters in diameter and 150 meters high, and the fireworks are launched under water in five consecutive shots. The spectacular fireworks stretch for about 2 km and decorate the shores of Lake Toya.

Fireworks reflected on the water and fireworks in the night sky are both beautiful in their own way. Also it is a good way taking a fireworks viewing boat to watch the fireworks display from the lake without crowds.
You can watch the fireworks from anywhere in the town, and you can also watch them from guest rooms and outdoor baths in the town.

The 39th Lake Toya Long-Run Fireworks Festival
Venue : Lake Toya
Dates : July 1st - October 31, 2020
Hours : 20:45 - 21:05
Admission : Free
Access : a 5-min walk from Lake Toya Onsen Bus Terminal
Parking : 200 lots available
Fireworks Viewing Boat : departs at 20:30 (40mins) Ticket : 1,600 yen/adults, 800 yen/children

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