Aug/16 Gozan Okuribi in Kyoto

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Aug/16 Gozan Okuribi (Daimonji Festival) in Kyoto3.7

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Gozan Okuribi(Daimonji Festival) is one of the Kyoto 's most popular fire festivals along with Kurama Fire Festival and Seiryoji Otaimatsu Fire Ritual.

The Daimonji Festival takes place annually on August 16, at the end of the Obon holiday. In Japan, it is believed that dead spirits go back from the afterlife to visit the living family during Obon season. And the blazing fires from the Daimonji Festival serve as the guide for the dead to go back to heaven.

Five mountains that surround Kyoto city, giant bonefires are set alight. Three of the fires are in the shape of Chinese characters, Kanji― "大", "妙" and "法". The other two fires are in the shape of a boat, called Funagata, and a Shinto shrine gate respectively, called Toriigata. The fires are giant and can be seen from anywhere in Kyoto City.

The first fire is set at 8 p.m. on Mt. Daimonji and the other four fires are set in counterclockwise order every 5 minutes. The each fire burns for about 30 minutes.

8:00pm "大" called Daimonji on Mt. Daimonji
8:05pm "妙" on Mt.Higashi-yama and "法" on Mt.Nishi-yama, called Myo-Ho
8:10pm "⛵called Funagata" on Mt. Nishigamofune
8:15pm "大" called Hidari-daimonji on Mt. Hidari-daimonji
8:20pm "Toriigata" on Mt. Mandara

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