Yamanaka Myojin Rei-taisai Festival Anzan Matsuri

Sightseeing information about Yamanaka Myojin Rei-taisai Festival Anzan Matsuri in Japan.

Yamanaka Myojin Rei-taisai Festival Anzan Matsuri3.8

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 from 9/4 '19 to 9/6 '19


Since ancient times, the "Anzan Matsuri", in the Kanto region is said to have benefits of easy delivery and child birth, take place from September 4 to 6 every year.
Yamanaka Suwa-Jinja shrine also known as (Yamanaka Myojin), Toyotamahime as the guardian dieties of easy delivery is known to be the god of smooth childbirth and pregnancy from the legend that she had an easy delivery when giving birth.
It is said that easy delivery is promised to woman Ujiko (Shrine Parishner) who carry the Mikoshi (portable shrine) at the night festival, nationally known since old days as a festival where many pregnant woman and newly-wed woman, woman who successfully gave birth gather!

September 4 (Evening festival / Yoimatsuri)
16:30 Children Mikoshi start
17: 00 Suwa Myojin Rei-taisai Festival ceremony
18: 00 Yamanaka Myojin first drumming Hokokusai festival
18: 30 Departing of Mikoshi Heisoku
22: 00 Arrival of Mikoshi Heisoku
22: 20 Otabisho-sai Ceremony (Norito-sojo (the recital of Shinto prayers) and Kagura dedication)

September 5 (main festival / Honmatsuri)
10: 00 Yamanaka Myojin Taiko and Kagura dedication
13:10 Departure from Dashi (float)
13:15 Dancing march (mid school girls, young female)
16:30 Children Mikoshi departure
18: 30 Departing of Mikoshi Heisoku
22: 30 Arrival of Mikoshi Heisoku
22:45 Transmission from the shrine to the temple
22: 50 Senza-hokoku Festival (Sengu-sai (transfer ceremony))

September 6 (after festival / Atomatsuri)
13:00 Chigogyoretsu (children's parade) depart from Mikazukiya-mae (once every two years)
15: 30 Dedicatory Sumo wrestling match at Suwamyojinmae sumo ring

Yamanaka Suwa Shrine (13 Yamanaka, Yamanakako village, Minamitsurugun, Yamanashi prefecture)

Access (train / bus) From Fuji Express Line "Fujisan Station", take the bus to the Yamanakako direction, 10 minutes on foot from "Fujisan Yamanakako" bus stop
(Car) 5 minutes from Higashi Fuji Goko road "Yamanakako IC"

Parking: Lake free parking available

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