Nov/19, 2019 Sukagawa Taimatsu Akashi

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Nov/19, 2019 Sukagawa Taimatsu Akashi3.7

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 from 11/9 '19 to 11/9 '19


Taimatsu Akashi, is an autumn festival that represents Fukushima Prefecture, with a tradition of over 400 years, takes place every second Saturday of November every year.
Famous as one of Japan's Top 3 Fire Festivals along with "Kurama Fire Festival" and "Nachi Fire Festival", representing the situation when the army of Date Masamune's army attacked Sukagawa Castle. Torches are burning to appease the spirits of those who lost their lives in this fight.

30 huge torches with the length of 10 meters, 3t in weight, are hoisted by 150 energetic young people, march throughout town, people climb the mountain with a small torch in their hands.
Starting from 18:30 pm the huge torch is lit at Mt Goro in Midorigaoka Park, the flame blazing in the night sky glitteringly illuminates the city
Oshu Sukagawa Taimatsu Taiko Hozonkai beats, and brings excitement to the atmosphere.
The sight is mysterious and majestic, and has an overwhelming powerfulness.
Sukagawa city flourished gradually in the Festival, including the school making torches.
The city of Sukagawa gradually flourishes due to preparations for festivals, and torch making begins also at school.
For the people of Sukagawa this is an important festival before entering winter.

Venue: Inside Midorigaoka Park, Mt. Goro
The number of visitors last year: 140,000

Date : November 9, 2019

● Train: JR Sukagawa Station, 15 minutes on foot
● Car: Tohoku Expressway Sukagawa IC, 5 minutes
● Parking lot: 2,000

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So good specially with fire matsuri

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