Oct/26, 2019 Kyoto Jidai Festival

Sightseeing information about Oct/26, 2019 Kyoto Jidai Festival in Japan.

Oct/26, 2019 Kyoto Jidai Festival4.3

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Kyoto Jidai Festival is the grand festival of Heian Shrine, and considered as one of the top three festivals in Kyoto.
Jidai Festival started in 1895 to commemorate the 1,100 the anniversary of the founding of Kyoto.
It consists of a large parade of 2,000 people dressed in historical garb, 70 horses, and 2 cows with taiko drum and flute sounds.
The 2-kilometer procession from the Imperial Palace to Heian Shrine takes about 2 hours long.
Jidai Festival is Japanese for "Festival of Ages", and the participants of the parade are dressed in accurate costumes from almost every period of Japanese history, as well as famous historical figures.
This festival features their costumes. They dress in historical garb representing Japanese cultural history from the Meiji era all the way back to the Enryaku era in the 780’s. Painstakingly recreated and researched, going so far as to even make and dye the fabric using the same techniques as they used a thousand years ago, the procession is akin to watching a living history museum march by. Not only do famous historical figures and princesses make appearance, but warriors, priests, politicians, merchants, and commoners are all represented.

Date : Sat, October 26, 2019
*Due to ceremonies related to the enthronement of the new Emperor of Japan, in 2019 the festival is rescheduled from Oct.22 to Oct.26.
October 21 Jidai Festival’s Eve Festival at 10AM
October 26 Shinkou-Sai Ceremony at 8AM, Anzaisho Ceremony at 10:30AM, Ceremony for the Return of Divine Spirits at 4PM
12:00 pm : Processions Departure at Imperial Palace ⇒ 12:50 pm : Karasuma-Oike ⇒ 2:30 pm : Arrive at Heian Shrine
October 27 Jidai Festival`s Day-after Festival at 10AM

Access for Heian Shrine:
-Subway Tōzai Line⇒ Higashiyama Station⇒ 10 minutes walking
-From Kyoto Station⇒ City Bus Route 5 or Kyoto Bus Route 100⇒ Okazaki Kōen Bus Stop or Heian Jingū-mae Bus Stop⇒ 5 minutes walking

Access for Imperial Palace:
-Subway Karasuma Line⇒ Imadegawa Station OR Marutamachi Station⇒ 5 minutes walking
-City Bus⇒ Karasuma Imadegawa Bus Stop OR Furitsu Idai Byōin-mae Bus Stop⇒ 5 minutes walking

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5.03 weeks ago

Great shrine to walk around. Depending on the time of day and year it could be too much for some. Interesting bit of history. More English explanations are welcome.

5.0a month ago

We've been able to visit this on our guided tour. A large entry will lead you to a square that is magnificently bright because if its white surface. The surrounding garden and ponds are maintained very well. It felt like I could have spend here all day but unfortunately wasn't able to. Certainly wouldn't have missed it.

5.02 weeks ago

Famous from the 10 yen coin, this is one of the must see temples in Kyoto. You can enter the garden for 600 yen. It's one of the biggest and most beautiful gardens in Kyoto! Very zen!

5.04 weeks ago

Relatively minimal shrine. I mean there's not much to do in the main area. All the stuff to do is through a pay-gate on the outer sides of the shrine. I have nothing against the price, but since I already went to something similar in the same day, it was not worth to pay twice to basically see the same thing. There are also some traditional fountains where there's a main water source and you use cup-ladles to pour it in your hands.

4.03 weeks ago

There's a huge square once you enter the terrain and you'll see several brightly coloured buildings around you. Although none can be entered it's worth checking out. For a small fee you can take a walk in the surrounding gardens