Tokyo Tower Sanriku-Ofunato Sanma Festival

Sightseeing information about Tokyo Tower Sanriku-Ofunato Sanma Festival in Japan.

Tokyo Tower Sanriku-Ofunato Sanma Festival3.4

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 from 9/23 '19 to 9/23 '19


Sanma (pike/pacific saury) distributed for free! A special event of Tokyo Tower will be held on Autumnal Equinox Day, where you can taste the taste of the autumn · Sanma.
This 10th event this year will be held from the objective of expanding tourists to Sanriku and Ofunato region as part of reconstruction activities from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
On the "Autumnal Equinox Day" when Funato Sanma is at its peak, 3333 fresh Sanma is served free of charge directly from the port of Ofunato.
The Sanma in season will be baked on charcoal fire at the venue.
In order to participate in Sanma free distribution, a voucher distributed from 7:30 in the morning will be required.
In addition, there are dishes using Sanma, marine products sale, and stage events using stage cars are also planned.

Nearest Station: Kamiya-Cho station (7 min. walk) / Akabanebashi station (5 min. walk) / Onarimon Station (6 min. walk) / Daimon Station (10 min. walk) / Hamamatsu-Cho station (15 min. walk)
Venue: Tokyo Tower outdoor venue (South parking lot, 1st floor Front entrance)
Time: Start: 9:30 End: 16:30
Note: * Distribution of voucher tickets distributed at the venue from 7:30 in the morning
Fee / Expenses: Participation free of charge

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5.0a week ago

Tokyo Tower resembles Eiffel Tower.. However, this is unique in its own way.. It offers awesome City view from multiple decks.. The Main dock which is in middle costs 900 yen and the top deck costs you 2900 yen.. Middle deck gave a good view.. The city was lit at night.. If you are in Tokyo you should definitely check out this place..

5.0a month ago

Tokyo Tower was amazing!! Easy access to local transport (subway and bus), and the ticket price was not expensive to go to the Main Deck (about halfway up)! I decided to walk up the steps (600!) to get to the viewing area rather than take the elevator and while being very hot and sweaty by the end, it was a lot of fun! They give you a little certificate to congratulate you and the progression of the view makes it a big recommendation from me! Overall, brilliant experience, incredible views and lovely staff!

5.02 weeks ago

Excellent view of Tokyo in all directions. You can see Mount Fuji from the tower. Check what time you will be there, the sun sets on Fuji, makes for great pictures. There is also a one piece show and entertainment floor you can visit. One piece alive tickets also available. Worthwhile day, food court has a wide variety of foods.

5.0a week ago

A really good experience; wonderfully guided and great attention to detail, with stunning views. I arrived at 12:45 and had to wait until 1:15 to go up.

You can go up to 150m for ¥900 where there are nice views and a cafe. But the real experience is the ¥2800 option which allows you to go up to 250m where the views are significantly better. An audio guide is provided which is actually very good; it speaks to you and annotates each direction to explain notable things of the landscape. A small complimentary drink and free photo highlights the quality of the top observation tour. I spent about 45 minutes at the top.

There's also a souvenir shop and food area at the bottom, which you can access for free.

5.04 weeks ago

Beautiful view of the city. You don't need to go up to the second station to see everything perfectly. Also the little shopping mall you go through when leaving the tower is really worth walking through. We got talking with one of the stand owners and he was so nice! He recommended us places to visit and after sometime talking he even started making paper cranes for us (while he apologized for taking up our time by making them) really a wonderful experience!!