Kurama Fire Festival

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Kurama Fire Festival3.5

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 from 10/22 '20 to 10/22 '20


Kurama Fire Festival (Kurama no Himatsuri), is an annual festival of Yuki shrine located in Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Sakyo-Ku Kurama.

Every year on October 22nd, one of the three major festivals of Kyoto, the powerful "Kurama Fire Festival" is held around the village mainly on Kurama, Yuki shrine and in the rural region. In the bonfire burned in various parts of the village, the aims are to walk in front of the temple gate by walking with a sword crown (four spear and single spear), mikoshi line and a torch. It is an inspiring and beautiful Fire Festival, along with the valiant voices chanting "Saireya, Sairyo", 500 torches big and small illuminate the autumn night sky, the village of Mt. Kurama is filled with flames of the flaming torch.
With highlight images, at around 9 o'clock nearly 300 torches will gather at the stone stairs in front of the Kurama Terayama temple gate. When the mikoshi is lowered from Yuki shrine at front of the temple gate shaken vigorously, the festival reaches its climax. At this time, it is as if Mt. Kurama is covered in fire, wrapped in a blast of heat. The festival continues until around midnight when the mikoshi is settled in Otabisho (place where the sacred palanquin is lodged during a festival).

In the daytime, is the "Era Festival (Jidai Matsuri)" started from the Kyoto Imperial Palace. From around 18 o'clock when it begins to grow dark, the "Kurama Fire Festival (Kurama no Himatsuri)" at the Kurama Temple Yuki Shrine in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, will be held until late at night.
The Fire Festival with dynamically blazing fire, is with the danger of being coverdin sparks of fire. It is recomended to watch in flexible and in-flammable clothes due to its presence! Every year the road leading to Kurama Temple and Yuki shrine is filled with tens of thousands of people wanting to get a glimpse of the heroic sight.

Time: 18:00~
Location: Yuki shrine
Access: Eizan Dentetsu Kurama Line Kurama station 5 minutes on foot
- On the day of the fire festival, the Eizan train will temporarily operate
- On cars, the road will be closed from 15 o'clock (from Kibuneguchi to Kurama Onsen)

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5.0a year ago

Awesome awesome shrine in the heart of the woods! Loved hiking around this place.

5.0a year ago

A calm, beautiful atmosphere with stunning views. A mountainside gem.

5.04 years ago

Visited the shrine 3 times: once during the day, and twice for the Kurama Fire Festival. All of the times I visit this place, I feel transported back in time. It's a wonderful place.

5.04 years ago

Beautiful shrine in the woods on the hike up to Kurama Temple. Tengu everywhere!

4.04 years ago

There are two huge trees and shrine. That was cool.