World Heritage Shirakawago Lightup – 6 days limited

Sightseeing information about World Heritage Shirakawago Lightup – 6 days limited in Japan.

World Heritage Shirakawago Lightup – 6 days limited4.4

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 from 1/14 '19 to 2/17 '19


Shirakawago famous for “Historic Villages of Shirakawago (Gassho-zukuri Shuraku)” listed as world heritage sites is crowded in the snowy season crowded with many tourists.
World heritage of Shirakawago → Ogimachi village of Gifu prefecture Shirakawago
World heritage of Gokayama → Aikura/Suganuma village in Toyama prefecture, Nanto city
As a whole, it is the “World Heritage - Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama".

The lighting up of Shirakawago (Shirakawa village of Gifu prefecture) will greatly change, where many tourists from domestic and foreign countries come visit as a winter celebration.
The light up of Shirakawago that will celebrate the 33rd year in 2019 next year, will greatly redesign the operation, and become a lottery-type complete reservation system event.

♦ Shirakawago light up
-Date: total 6 days on 2019 Jan.14th (Monday), 20th (Sunday), 27th (Sunday), and February 3rd (Sunday), 11th (Sunday), 17th (Monday).
-Lighting hours: 17:30-19:30
Shirakawago light-up event will be held for only 6 days in the most beautiful season during the year when snow is overcast.
Enjoy the fantastic landscape emerges in the pure white snow.

About general sightseeing without the light up
※Those who are not booked for light up

[Private car · Rental car · Taxi (standard size car)]
Seseragi Park parking space is available until 14:00. After 14:00, parking and sightseeing is not available.
Also observation tower will be available until 15:00.

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5.0a month ago

Love this place so much! As one of the UNESCO World Heritage, Shirakawa-go was, indeed, beautiful. The view from up top the viewing point was breathtaking and worthy of taking a hundred pictures. Something about the housing arrangements made it looked effortlessly aesthetic. The food was also great. Be sure to book the bus ticket way ahead if you're planning to visit on winter.

4.0a month ago

A cool place to visit to get an idea about traditional Japanese building techniques. You have to pay a small fee to enter each house, but they have a few informative and interesting videos playing, and you can often explore most of the first, second, and sometimes third floors, where there are more exhibits about the construction, use, or daily life in these houses. Also, don't forget to eat some Hida beef!

5.0a month ago

This place is so beautiful throughout the years. In winter it’s the thick white snow. In summers it’s the vibrant colours of the valley. The ancient houses that is protected as it’s wold heritage listed and surprising to know that people actually live in these ancient houses. You can also book some of them for your stay

5.02 weeks ago

Join a tour to visit this remote place.It would save you a lot of effort.Anyways,this village is home to its unique 'species' of houses.The architecture is interesting.No matter you visit the village in summer or in winter,you can take some cool photos with different styles.It gets really cold here in winter.A walk around the village would take a maximum of around 2 hours.There are shops nearby.Please be respectful to the locals who live here,since the amount of tourists visiting this place has been increasing in the recent years and cause a lot of disturbance to them.

4.03 weeks ago

A very cool place to visit! We went during the lighting event and it left a little to be desired with the sheer amount of tourists running around and standing in the lights to take photos. Worth the trip for a normal visit, but save your money if you are considering the winter lighting and go any other time.

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