World Heritage Shirakawago Lightup – 6 days limited

Sightseeing information about World Heritage Shirakawago Lightup – 6 days limited in Japan.

World Heritage Shirakawago Lightup – 6 days limited4.4

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 from 1/14 '19 to 2/17 '19


Shirakawago famous for “Historic Villages of Shirakawago (Gassho-zukuri Shuraku)” listed as world heritage sites is crowded in the snowy season crowded with many tourists.
World heritage of Shirakawago → Ogimachi village of Gifu prefecture Shirakawago
World heritage of Gokayama → Aikura/Suganuma village in Toyama prefecture, Nanto city
As a whole, it is the “World Heritage - Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama".

The lighting up of Shirakawago (Shirakawa village of Gifu prefecture) will greatly change, where many tourists from domestic and foreign countries come visit as a winter celebration.
The light up of Shirakawago that will celebrate the 33rd year in 2019 next year, will greatly redesign the operation, and become a lottery-type complete reservation system event.

♦ Shirakawago light up
-Date: total 6 days on 2019 Jan.14th (Monday), 20th (Sunday), 27th (Sunday), and February 3rd (Sunday), 11th (Sunday), 17th (Monday).
-Lighting hours: 17:30-19:30
Shirakawago light-up event will be held for only 6 days in the most beautiful season during the year when snow is overcast.
Enjoy the fantastic landscape emerges in the pure white snow.

About general sightseeing without the light up
※Those who are not booked for light up

[Private car · Rental car · Taxi (standard size car)]
Seseragi Park parking space is available until 14:00. After 14:00, parking and sightseeing is not available.
Also observation tower will be available until 15:00.

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Airport/Sta. Takayama Sta. (about 33.8km) Google Transit


5.03 weeks ago

Very beautiful village with amazing scenery. Interesting to see and learn about the history of this village. There are souvenirs and foodstuffs sold here. Got to try the ice-cream with sake. The water from the mountain tastes refreshing. Even the water that flows along the drains are crystal clear with big fishes swimming in it. Worth visiting even though crowded

4.0a month ago

Beautiful scenery.. it has its own beauty in all the seasons but as I am a snow lover I enjoyed it max in winter.. for snow and nature lovers this is best place to visit. But be prepared to face the snow.Plan for winter wear, snow boots and an umbrella in case of snow fall to enjoy at max.

5.0a week ago

Charming village with rustic and peaceful atmosphere! If you are travelling with baggage, feel free to leave them at the annex building at the Bus Terminal for a small fee to have a great hands free experience! Good to spend 2-3 hours walking around the area and try the delicious Hida-beef!

5.0a week ago

I'm not interested whether UNESCO designates it or not, but it's well worth having me take a bus in Nagoya and have a six-hour go and return.
You'll see the scenery you've never seen before in your life.
I think it would be nice to stay for a day if possible.

4.02 weeks ago

Simply beautiful village with gorgeous houses and architecture. The view from the top of the village is amazing and this is definitely a great tourist destination. Not many food choices but many souvenirs to buy.