Mt. Narita Opening Base year 1080 Memorial Festival NARITA Firework Display in Ibanuma

Sightseeing information about Mt. Narita Opening Base year 1080 Memorial Festival NARITA Firework Display in Ibanuma in Japan.

Mt. Narita Opening Base year 1080 Memorial Festival NARITA Firework Display in Ibanuma4.1

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 from 10/13 '18 to 10/13 '18


"Audience participation type" community-based fireworks display, delivered by local volunteers and professional firework technicians.
We sublimated conventional "summer tradition" "Regional Event" fireworks festivals to an entertainment show, and established the genre of "audience participation fireworks display ".
Collecting various styles and preferences, we persisted on "watching" to "experience" firework display.
Contents of activities are,
1. To relay the Fireworks and ignite "lighting NARITA's fire together"
2. "Fireworks class" where fireworks craftsmen hold classes at primary school, and launch Star Mine designed by the children
3. "Fireworks de BINGO", a game to match the fireworks of the night sky and the pattern of the card
4. Fireworks in sync to the rhythm of the audience claps "rhythm-and-fire"
5. Three cheers with the launch of "Banzai Nishakudama" (size about 60cm)

In 2018, there is a special program commemorating the opening of Mt. Narita Opening Base year 1080.
Fireworks Fantasia (Star Mine where music and fireworks synchronize) consists of 4 parts, the first tower type fireworks in Japan held the third time this year is a must-see.
Also, "NARITA Golden Legend" is the program to give glory to the last.
Fireworks called Ginkamuro (銀冠) Nishikikamuro (錦冠) are set up to cover the entire sponsors' venue with a wide launch that cannot fit in sight, leading the whole venue to excitement.

Number Launching: about 12000
Visitors: about 130, 000 people
Date: 2018 October 13th (Saturday) 18:30
Venue: Chiba Prefecture Narita New Town Sports Square
Access: 40 minute walk from Jr Narita line Narita Station
12 minutes from Narita Station on Chiba Kotsu Bus heading to Hananokidai
Or 15 minute walk from the terminal bus stop of Chiba Kotsu Bus (nonstop), 9 minutes from Narita SKY ACCESS Line Narita Yukawa Station

PurposeFestivals,easily accessible,fireworks of Japan,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Narita Sta. (about 3.6km) Google Transit


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