Fuku Otoko in Nishinomiya shrine

Sightseeing information about Fuku Otoko in Nishinomiya shrine in Japan.

Fuku Otoko in Nishinomiya shrine 4.1

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 from 1/10 '19 to 1/10 '19


Nishinomiya shrine (Nishinomiya shrine) a Shinto shrine in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, is a head temple of the Ebisu shrine about 3500.

Say in the Kansai area enjoys the evisu belief, especially such as offices and shops from this strenuous effort, started the new year sales, wishing prosperity, good catch crop, bet takamasa crowded with a large number of worshippers.
Ebisu shrine and put a 1 in the 10 days before and after the three-day annual Toka (tookaebisu) famous for, especially as Nishinomiya shrine during the "lucky man" is held every year, foot pride runs within the ritual is topic in each media.
Fuku Otoko in the Nishinomiya shrine during opening ceremony the book shrine visitors were waiting outside Gate 10, Ebisu 6:00 opening and at the same time, 230 m away, aiming for no. 1 Fu run refers to the shrines.
Order arrived quickly to the main hall, recognized the Bok man of the year up 3-1, certificates and prizes are eligible.
Since Edo era spontaneously as was done in recent years amounts to more than 6000 participants, has become a major ritual.

Before the opening to the first 5000 people free in "opening ritual worship, certificate" after Fu man is handed out, as well, in the Kagami biraki by three men of the year, visitors will receive bills. Held every January in 3 days 10 days before and after deformation (Ebisu), opening ceremony lucky guy then good luck such as rakes and winnowing, and daily necessities from, as well as events such as the big tuna of the Arima Onsen 献湯-standing in front of the Gate City until the so-called Festival stalls

Crowded with stalls over 800 boutiques and held three days among more than one million visitors.
While good men and this festival is mixed, men and women alike, anyone can participate from 5 minutes ago.

Fuku Otoko is a ritual, so please dress seems to be rude to God, such as costume and turban. Date: 1/10/2019 (Thursday) time: 6:00-location: Nishinomiya shrine address: Hyogo Prefecture Nishinomiya City Japanese-Cho 1-17 trains: Hanshin Nishinomiya STA. 5 minutes car: Hanshin fast Nishinomiya exit from Highway 43 via 0.1 km 3 minutes Parking: Yes.

PurposeFestivals,easily accessible,LMFAO,thrilling,that you'll never forget,winter in Japan,men,shrine/temple,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Nishinomiya Station of Hanshin electric railway (about 300m) Google Transit


5.0a week ago

Awesome place! It's a gorgeous shrine about a seven minute walk from the station. It's definitely worth the time to check out, especially at the end of September. The shrine has a huge festival and the portable shrine is taken out for a walk around Osaka.

5.0a month ago

Wet beautiful shrine in Hyogo. It’s one of the most gorgeous shrines in Japan as well. This shrine is called Nishinomiya Ebisu, one of the shrines whose name includes “Ebisu”, that empowers business people and make their business more successful. That’s why this shrine is so crowed in January every year!
You should definitely visit there. A lot of food carts on the street, a lot of energetic people and energetic atmosphere. You can try so many delicious food on the street and be totally full!!
You won’t regret! Just come visit and experience real Japanese culture!!

5.0a month ago


5.0a month ago

えびすさんの総本社のパワースポット西宮神社参拝 平成最後の福男さん  赤門からの疾走は毎年TVからのパワーは凄いエネルギーが感じます。私も山門入れば よく爺ちゃんから聞いた猿回しや数多い色々なお店、お参りするのを忘れちゃうくらいです。鳥居から手水舎に 多くの参拝の方々の順番待ちも凄いです。本殿に御参り入り口には神職さんが参拝者の列に脇からお祓い、入ればすぐ近く 「お金が身につきますように」の奉納大きなマグロにお金貼り付け 本殿脇では灘五郷のお神酒も頂き おみくじにもチャレンジ凶か大吉 大吉より縁起良い「大福」があるとお聞きしましたが全てに恵比寿様が優しく包み込むとのお話しからの総本社ならではのパワーを感じました。

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