Jan/10  Fuku Otoko Race in Nishinomiya Shrine (CANCLED)

Sightseeing information about Jan/10  Fuku Otoko Race in Nishinomiya Shrine (CANCLED) in Japan.

Jan/10  Fuku Otoko(Lucky Man) Race in Nishinomiya Shrine (CANCLED)4.1

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 from 1/10 '21 to 1/10 '21


Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture is a head shrine out of the approximately 3,500 shrines in Japan dedicated to the Ebisu God. Ebisu is the god of fishing and commerce, and lots of people visit the Nishinomiya Shrine to pray for thriving business, bumper catch, good harvest, and company's good fortune.

The Touka Ebisu Festival is one of the most popular festivals in western Japan, held annually from January 9th to January 11th at Nishinomiya Shrine.
One of the festival’s main events is the “Fuku Otoko Erabi,” or “Lucky Man Race,” that takes place on January 10th. Participants race the 230 meters from Nishinomiya Shrine’s main gate to the main hall at 6am on the 10th, and the first three to reach the finish line are deemed “fuku-otoko,” or “lucky man.”

Besides the Lucky Man Race, you can enjoy watching the approximately 300 kg giant tuna stuck with lots of coins on the offering table, or shopping the items of good luck such as rakes and bamboo branch decorated with papers at over 800 festival stalls.

Date : January 10, 2020
Hours : 6:00~
Venue : Nishinomiya Shrine
Address : 1-17 Shakecho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Access : a 5-min walk from Nishinomiya Station

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Airport/Sta.Nishinomiya Station of Hanshin electric railway (about 300m) Google Transit


4.011 months ago

This shrine is said to make you loved by many people and give you popularity. I recommend to buy a pack of sand to purify your land by scattering it on the corners, sold by the side of the shrine.

5.0a year ago

Great spot, loved the monkey show for new year's week festival... Nice mix of traditional and natural spaces. Quite impressive!

5.011 months ago

The Nishinomiya shrine is known for the headquarters of Ebisu: the god of wealth as the enshrined deity that blesses prosperity. Its main event is the Tokaebisu held on 10th of Jan every year where men run to win the title of Fukuotoko (lucky man). It's a three days event where the surrounding streets are blocked off and stalls are set up around the shrine. During this time, people come to return their old lucky bamboo and get a new one to wish for prosperity in their business. Otherwise, it's an everyday local (but big) shrine.

Also strongly recommend coming by train during the event as the parking lots around the area jack up their hourly rates during Tokaebisu (and they're not any cheaper normally either...).

5.0a year ago

I love this place. It's one of my favourite shrines I've visited.

5.0a year ago

Beautiful place to be for new years day