Okinawa Shurijo Castle Festival

Sightseeing information about Okinawa Shurijo Castle Festival in Japan.

Okinawa Shurijo Castle Festival3.7

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 from 10/27 '18 to 11/3 '18


One of the three major festivals of Naha, Shurijo Castle Festival is reminiscent of the Ryukyu Kingdom era, colored brightly red, a culture different from the Mainland, is a precious festival where you can feel the unique culture of Okinawa.
During the Festival period, there are events where you can enjoy the Ryukyu dynasty culture, such as the gorgeous Ryukyu dance "Invitation to Dance Special Performance" nurtured in Shurijo Castle, and the "Bankoku Shinryo (Bridge of Nations) Candle Light" wrapped in fantastical lights.
In addition, including the Ryukyu King and Queen, there will be the luxurious and gorgeous Emaki-Gyoretsu Parade with a total of about 700 people of "Sakuhoushi" (accredited Chinese envoys to neighbouring kingdoms) at Naha City Kokusai Street.
On the last day November 3rd, one of the progress of the Ryukyu King, Koshiki-Gyoretsu of "Sankaji Sanchii Sune-i (三ケ寺参詣行幸)" called "Hatsu Gyokou (初行幸)" is reproduced.
During the Ryukyu Kingdom era, the king prayed for welfare of the State and bumper crops, and the appearance of worshiping the three temples around Shurijo Castle is gorgeously reproduced.

Details: ※Hours varies depending on the event
·Invitation to Dance Special Performance
·Ryukyu Dynasty Scroll Parade, October 28th (Sunday) 2018, 12: 30 ~ 14: 30 Naha City Kokusai Street
·Bankoku Shinryo (Bridge of Nations) Candle Light, October 27th (Saturday) 28th (Sunday) 2018, 17: 00 ~ 21: 00 Shurijo Castle Park Shureimon Gate front, Kankai Gate ~ Kofukumon Gate, Kobikimon Gate ~ Madamichi Street (Shimashibira), Around Ryutan
·Ryukyu Dynasty Festival Koshiki-Gyoretsu November 3rd (Saturday) 2018, 12: 50 ~ 15: 30 Hoshinmon Gate ~ Shureimon Gate ~ Ryutandori Street
·Arrival of the King and queen
·Shurijo Castle Music Festival
·Karate Day related events
·"Essence of Ryukyu Awamori" in Zenikura

Admission Fee: Adult 820 yen, Children (high school student) 620 yen, Children (elementary / junior high school student) 310 yen ※Free under the age of 6
※Entrance fee is necessary for viewing in front of Shurijo Castle and Garden.
※There are also events in the free area.

Address: Okinawa Prefecture, Naha City, Shurikinjouchou 1-2, Shurijo Castle Park
Transportation Access: 15 minutes on foot from Naha Airport to Yui Rail "Shuri Station" or 2 minutes on foot from "Shurijo Mae" bus stop

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5.0a month ago

BEAUTIFUL and full of history. It was being restored but guides are very helpful. Great sites and views of the city. Traditional tea ceremony was worth the price. It was fun completing the map with the stamps. Great gift shops if you're wanting souvenirs.

5.02 weeks ago

It was a great experience walking though this castle and reading about its history. Everything was translated to English so that was nice. It was a bit hard to find parking but it was well worth it once we found it. Definitely a must see if you are visiting Okinawa.

4.0in the last week

A must visit place for ancient history of Okinawa dynasties. Kids will be preoccupied too with their mission of finding various points to stamp on their card and a little gift awaits them at the end of all at the info counter. Nice restaurant with local cuisine and decent prices.

4.02 months ago

Interesting, great views of Naha city from certain parts of the wall. I was happy that there was generally a suggested route so I didn't feel like I was constantly lost. Also, every staff member was so friendly! Certainly a must-go. If I had to improve something, I would say they should provide old photos and objects to touch for a more interactive experience. Otherwise, walking around the castle was fun, too.

5.0a month ago

Its a very cool place, you have to check it out if you have the time.
There are even a stamp rally there are 12 stamps that you have to collect and you will get a sticker page and a cool little folder.
You can see the sea from here.
Overall its a wonderful place that you have to visit

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