Cosmos Festival in Konosu

Sightseeing information about Cosmos Festival in Konosu in Japan.

Cosmos Festival in Konosu3.7

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 from 10/17 '20 to 10/31 '20


2020 Cosmos area decrease to 500㎡ only.

Every year from mid-October to late-October, about 12 million cosmos flowers bloom in the Arakawa riverbed of Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture. Pink, red, white and yellow cosmos are in full bloom in 6.3 ha-wide cosmos field.
The 2-day festival takes place on 26 & 27 of October near the cosmos field.
On Oct. 26, you are allowed to walk on the water pipe bridge. It would be a wonderful experience!
Also, there are various stage events such as Hula Dance, Folk Music, and Japanese traditional shows performed.
In addition, you can enjoy shopping local vegetables or local specialty at the market.

Dates: October
Hours : 9:00~16:00
Admission : Free
Venue : Cosmos Arena Fukiage
Address : 636-1 Myoyo, Konosu, Saitama Prefecture
Access: 6-min bus ride from Fukiage Station on JR Takasaki Line

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5.0in the last week

Good 😊

4.04 weeks ago

In autumn, many cosmos are in full bloom on the riverbed and banks. At the bottom of the arena, many cosmos mazes appear in the rice fields. Last year there was no cosmos from the corona wreck. I would like to see Cosmos this year, what should I do? In winter, I think it's nice to see Mt. Fuji in the mountains far beyond the bank. There are quite a few people cycling, walking or running because the banks are well maintained. There is a parking lot right in front of you, so if you drive, each one serves its purpose.
There is a gymnasium, a baseball field, and a small park. It is a place designated as a shelter.

4.0a month ago

Poppy cosmos blooms in each season. It is a scale of friends. There is plenty of parking.

3.02 months ago

Since it was in the middle of the corona vortex, quite a few people came and jogged and did gymnastics around the building and on the bank.

2.0a year ago

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