Tenku Momiji Matsuri

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Tenku Momiji Matsuri (Sky Maple Festival)3.4

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 from 10/19 '19 to 11/24 '19


At Mt. Mitake with an altitude of 929m, you can feel the sign of autumn earlier than in the center of the city.
You can easily climb up to the top of the mountain using the cable car.
On the peak of Mt. Mitake settles Musashi Mitake Shrine known as the symbol of mountain belief, where many precious items including national treasure are displayed in the shrine sanctuary.
Because the temperature is lower than level ground red autumn foliage is especially beautiful, you can enjoy the scenery of the mountain streams and waterfalls stained in colorful autumn leaves, in various hiking courses.
During the sky maple festival, events are held such as the "Sky Violin Concert", "Tenku Geisha Night", and “Tenku Ninja Yashiki".

Tenku Geisha (Sky Geisha): Nov. 9th (Fri) 15:00-16:00
Nov. 15th (Thu) 15:00-16:00
Location: Torii front Special Stage

Tenku Ninja Yashiki (Sky Ninja House): Oct. 27th (Sat) – 28th (Sun)
Location: Mitakeyama Fureai Center (Gymnasium)

Sky Violin Concert: Oct. 20th (Sat)

Name: Tenku Momiji Matsuri 2018
Duration period: 2018 Oct. 13th - 2018 Nov. 25th
Time: 10:00-16:00
Venue: Mitakeyama Fureai Center, Tenku Geisha (Sky Geisha), Tenku Ninja Yashiki (Sky Ninja House) will be held at the top of Mt. Mitake
Nearest Station: JR Ome Line Line Otaki Station / Mitake Mountain Climbing Railway Mitakeyama Station 20 mins walk

Parking available, Takimoto Station parking capacity 136 cars

-Photo credit: Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, The association of Ome-city sightseeing secretariat

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5.011 months ago

The tram ride up the mountain was great! Very smooth and interesting experience. The hike up the mountain roads was tough but worth it. When you get to the stairs leading up to the first temple-looking structure, you still have a ways to go to reach the official shrine.

So beautiful and so serene. I left this place with a feeling of ease.

5.02 years ago

Quite a nice area to explore. Easy hiking trails that don't really require special equipment beyond sturdy shoes (no heels, duh). You can take a cable car up to the top, then there are various trails you can choose from. The 'Rock Garden' is really just a nice moss-covered valley with small waterfalls. It's really atmospheric but with a misleading name.

5.0a year ago

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