Tokyo Ramen Show 2018

Sightseeing information about Tokyo Ramen Show 2018 in Japan.

Tokyo Ramen Show 20183.9

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 from 10/25 '18 to 11/4 '18


Japan's largest outdoor event "Tokyo Ramen Show".
To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Top Ramen ranked high from 333 kinds in the past 9 years will appear!
Various ramen including "local ramen" here are loved in various places in Japan, as well as original "collaborative noodles" which can only be eaten here, will gather in one place.

Date and time: Oct. 25th 2018 (Thu) ~ Nov. 4th (Sun): 10:00 ~ 21:00
* 30th, 4th ends at 18:00 (estimated). Business hours may change.
Reservation procedure: advance tickets on sale at Sep. 1st (Sat) at 7‐ELEVEN stores across Japan.
Venue: Komazawa Olympic Park
Access: 15 minutes on foot from Tokyu Denen Toshi Line "Komazawa Daigaku" Station, Komazawa Park Exit
25 minutes on foot from Tokyu Toyoko Line "Jiyugaoka" Station, Main Exit
22 minutes on foot from Tokyu Toyoko Line "Toritsu-Daigaku" Station North Exit

Admission fee: Free of charge

PurposeFestivals,now this is Japanese cuisine,Gourmet,family,let's hang out!,an eating tour
Airport/Sta.Komazawa Daigaku sta. (about 700m) Google Transit


3.02 months ago

Very nice place to spend time with the family. park for kids is also good. it has running and cycling track. There's gym as well. Love to come here during cherry blossom and Autumn.

4.0in the last week

Perfect for sporty people. There are always people running or cycling in this park. I've been here during the sakura blooming season and it was much quieter than other parks in Tokyo. Also, at the end of October/beginning of November the ramen show is held in this park. A bunch of famous restaurant owners are invited to showcase their ramen which is usually made into a special version for the occasion.

5.03 months ago

Nice, big park. Full of bloody kids. It is big, like proper big. Plenty to do and see. Plenty of green into the bargain, for Tōkyō that's quite a novelty. Drink machines only sell healthy drinks. No Coke, no Fanta, no fizzy pop to be had. Not for love, nor money.

5.06 months ago

Excellent 2.4km running track around the outside of the park. Mostly flat with some changes to incline. Nice views while running, particularly during cherry blossom season. There's a Mr Farmer on the corner for some good food when you're done too.

5.02 months ago

Perfect for a run at anytime of the day but I love it late evening when there are less runners in the lane😉

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