YOMIURI LAND Jewellumination -Shine Light Peer ~

Sightseeing information about YOMIURI LAND Jewellumination -Shine Light Peer ~ in Japan.

YOMIURI LAND Jewellumination (R)-Shine Light Peer ~4.1

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 from 10/24 '19 to 5/6 '20


Using jewel color illuminations that can only be seen in Yomiuri Land, Illuminations that shine brightly and the big night view of Tokyo can be enjoyed at the same time.
Popularity in the ranking is ranked first in Tokyo, second place in the whole country! You can enjoy the night view of Tokyo and the nighttime amusement park full of illumination colored like jewels.
This year the whole area of Jewellumination has renewed for the first time with the theme of the utopia of light "Light Peer".
Guests can enjoy a night full of illuminated night view of Tokyo and jewel-colored amusement.
Juelmination first of all area renovated, light Utopia "lightopia" theme this year.
The whole site inside the park is just like a jewelry box and it is very beautiful.
We will add another 500 thousand light bulbs this season, holding for a total of 6 million light bulbs.
Also in the park, enjoy one of the most spectacular fountain show of Japan.
One of the appeal of amusement park illumination is that not only seeing but you can also play.
We run nightly attractions such as "Starlight Bandet" which runs like a shooting star in the night sky and the Ferris wheel "Jewelry · Aurora" which can see panoramic night view of downtown area.

Admission fee: Night entrance fee ※Free for below elementary school student, Adult (18 to 64 years old) 1,400 yen / junior high / high school student 600 yen / elementary school student 300 yen / over 65 years old 600 yen
Night pass (admission fee included) Adult (18 to 64 years old) 2,400 yen / 3 years old ~ high school student, 65 years old and over 1,600 yen
【Yomiuri Land Halloween Discount】 Free entry if you wear two or more Halloween costume items
◆Period: Sep. 15th 2018 (Sat) ~ Oct. 31st (Wed) ※estimated

Event name: Yomiuri land Jewellumination (R) - Shine Light Peer –
Dates: Oct. 11th 2018 ~ Feb. 17th 2019
Start / End time: 16:00-20:30
Closed: Nov. 1st 2018 (Thu) | Jan. 15th 2019 (Tue)-17th (Thu), 21st (Mon)-24th (Thu)
※Dec. 15th ~ Dec. 25th until 21 o'clock
Venue: Inagi City, Yanokuchi 4015-1 YOMIURI LAND
Nearest Station: From Keio Line "Keio-Yomiuri land" Station gondola "Sky Shuttle" Both Adult and Children One way ticket ¥300 Round-trip tickets ¥500
Arrive in 5-10-minutes
Change to the bus from the Odakyu Line "Yomiuri Land Mae" station, to the Keio Line "Keio Yomiuri Land" station, one way fare Adult ¥ 210 Children ¥ 110
5-10 minutes

Purposeeasily accessible,thrilling,experience,night view,sightseeing,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Keio's Yomiuri land sta. (about 900m) Google Transit


5.0a month ago

Way less people than any other famous attraction parks. The view is amazing! You get to see the city side of Tokyo and the mountains from the carousel 😍
Be sure to get the all day pass because the price per ride can get a little pricey

5.0in the last week

Giant sky river and spin runway are the best after Bandit. It wasn't crowded when we got there at 11am. Illumination are superb!

5.0a month ago

Very good for a 1 day trip. The dry games are good. It has bungee jumping whixh is good for new people. The pool has only 3 slides but it is also good.
I liked it very much.

5.0a month ago

This place was fun, period. So fun, in fact, that I wrote an important essay on it for my English class due to the fun times i had here. try it out, especially with family or friends.

4.02 months ago

A thrilling place to chill out and experience gravity and shout out at your own best. The roller coaster rides are really enthralling and the pool never leaves to amaze you with many lively people around. A good place to visit for a day trip around Tokyo or Shinkuju