Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple

Sightseeing information about Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple in Japan.

Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple3.2

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 from 12/17 '19 to 12/19 '19


Hagoita are rectangular bats similar to badminton, and is used for playing a traditional New Year's game. Now Hagoita are regarded as lucky objects.
Between Dec.17 and 19 every year, the Hagoita Fair takes place in Asakusa, Tokyo.
In the main hall of the Sensoji Temple, there are dozens of stalls to sell a wide range of hagoita, from beautiful decorative items to cool children's toys. As you shop, you`ll find hagoita adorned with kabuki actors, cartoon characters and sports stars.
This fair originates from a custom of wishing for young girls to grow up healthy.

Dates : December 17 - 19, 2019
Venue : Sensoji Temple, Asakusa
Access : Asakusa Station

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5.02 weeks ago

Amazing experience at dusk. Very busy but the shopping at the close by market was very unique. Great place to try some of the sweeter street food.

Temple is nice to visit with some vendors inside selling some interesting things.

Very busy but a great place to visit. Maybe worth around 1-2 hours. Train was easiest way in. Sky tower is not far and a good walk along the rivers isn’t far either

5.03 weeks ago

Probably the most crowded tourist spot in Tokyo but definitely a must see. It is a good chance to see the traditional part of Japan with the contrast of Traditional with the modern side of the surroundings. Also a nice place to buy souvenirs and eat traditional sweets. It is better to reserve plenty of time to visit this place because there are too many people that do not allow to move freely and with calm. Maybe it is better to go early in the morning in order to take good pictures without the stress of the crowd.

5.0a month ago

We missed visiting this temple during our first trip so we made sure to visit this time. It was definitely worth it. From the surrounding shops and side streets to the sights and experience of the temple itself, this place was well worth the spot on our to-do list. I highly recommend visiting earlier in the day to avoid crowds and I also highly recommend the traditional Japanese snack foods found throughout the shopping area.

5.02 weeks ago

The temple and pagoda are beautiful. The area around them has great shopping. While very touristy, the temple still has areas and items to allow you some moments for quiet reflection. The best times to visit are mid afternoon to feel the hustle and bustle, or evening for very quiet times. I will forever remember my visit here with my wife.

5.02 weeks ago

Really great place. Loads of stalls to buy your gifts. Not the relaxing, quiet place like some of the shrines. But well worth a visit.

Bean paste bun things are great. I would recommend going at lunch time and getting tempura from SAN Sada just at the other end of the market strip.