Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple

Sightseeing information about Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple in Japan.

Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple3.2

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 from 12/17 '19 to 12/19 '19


Hagoita are rectangular bats similar to badminton, and is used for playing a traditional New Year's game. Now Hagoita are regarded as lucky objects.
Between Dec.17 and 19 every year, the Hagoita Fair takes place in Asakusa, Tokyo.
In the main hall of the Sensoji Temple, there are dozens of stalls to sell a wide range of hagoita, from beautiful decorative items to cool children's toys. As you shop, you`ll find hagoita adorned with kabuki actors, cartoon characters and sports stars.
This fair originates from a custom of wishing for young girls to grow up healthy.

Dates : December 17 - 19, 2019
Venue : Sensoji Temple, Asakusa
Access : Asakusa Station

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5.0a week ago

This was an amazing place! I love the smell of incense and there are nothing but great photo opportunities here! You can spend all day visiting the shrine proper, then wandering the shopping street right out front for a staggering amount of novelty goods. I also donated 100yen and got a "Good Fortune" fortune. Lucky me! I highly recommend this stop if you are looking for a traditional stop in Tokyo.

4.03 weeks ago

Breathtaking view and temple that has a lot of tourist options. We went here as the ending point of our tour so started at the foot of the temple.

A lot of the shops here have unique things to sell. The ones on main street are obviously very tourist minded, please also check the parallel street to the main street to get some more of the less tourist-y stuff.

We really enjoyed the temple and the shrine here, although it was kinda crowded. It took us a rough 2 hour to enjoy everything here.

5.03 weeks ago

A stunning temple with a Pagoda sitting right inside. For those photographers out there - the grounds are open 24/7 so if you are keen to get the people-free shots stay in the local area and head there for morning prayers around 6am. The quiet streets and prayers were on my list of favourite experiences in Japan!

5.0a month ago

Probably the most famous and visited shrine in Tokyo. And not without any reason, the building itself is huge on its own and you would appreciate it most. The grounds are also huge and you can stroll around the place all day long. With so many tourist visiting, comes all the shops also, they have almost everything in shops surrounding. Visiting during the day would be really packed, but lively as well.

5.03 weeks ago

Beautiful, there was incense and chanting. Pray and get your fortune. If you don't like it you tie your fortune to a fence to make it go away. Large outdoor shopping mall with vendors (bought a Hello Kitty cap for my cat). Excellent food.