Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple

Sightseeing information about Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple in Japan.

Dec/17 - 19 Hagoita Fair in Sensoji Temple3.2

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 from 12/17 '19 to 12/19 '19


Hagoita are rectangular bats similar to badminton, and is used for playing a traditional New Year's game. Now Hagoita are regarded as lucky objects.
Between Dec.17 and 19 every year, the Hagoita Fair takes place in Asakusa, Tokyo.
In the main hall of the Sensoji Temple, there are dozens of stalls to sell a wide range of hagoita, from beautiful decorative items to cool children's toys. As you shop, you`ll find hagoita adorned with kabuki actors, cartoon characters and sports stars.
This fair originates from a custom of wishing for young girls to grow up healthy.

Dates : December 17 - 19, 2019
Venue : Sensoji Temple, Asakusa
Access : Asakusa Station

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5.0in the last week

Love this place I try to get there as often as possible, especially great during and evening stroll.

4.0a week ago

Very amazing and interesting temple. You can feel the authentic Japanese culture there. Also you can enjoy some Japanese street food.

5.02 weeks ago

It was raining when i went there, but still very nice. I would love to go back to see the place during night time. I heard it's more lovely.

5.0a week ago

This place is extremely famous for the various types of foods available. The atmosphere tempt the people to stay for the longer duration over here.

5.0a month ago

All the shops are closed and the way to the place is completely deserted. However, we see some people having their evening walk. This is the first time I have seen this place without crowd and gives a different feel to it. A must visit place for anyone to have feel of Buddhist temple architecture in central Tokyo.