Oct/17, 2020 - Feb/7, 2021 Ashikaga Flower Park "Light Flower Garden ~ Flower Fantasy"

Sightseeing information about Oct/17, 2020 - Feb/7, 2021 Ashikaga Flower Park "Light Flower Garden ~ Flower Fantasy" in Japan.

Oct/17, 2020 - Feb/7, 2021 Ashikaga Flower Park "Light Flower Garden ~ Flower Fantasy"4.0

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 from 10/17 '20 to 2/7 '21


In Ashikaga Flower Park, which was selected as the only place in japan as the "10 dream destinations of the world" chosen by the CNN in the United States, in Ashikaga Flower Park, the "Light Flower Garden" which in 2020 increased in volume to 5 million light bulbs illuminating the winter trees, beautiful flowers of light blooming at night, the light bulbs add color to the 100,000 square meter garden.
It was also certified as a Japanese night view heritage "Kanto Three Major Illuminations" and was selected as the "Japan's Three Major Illumination" last year.
In Taito Shelf "Miracle of Oto" which can be said as a symbol of the garden,
The image of each cover large Wisteria said the symbolism of the garden "miracle Oto", the Wisteria flower-shaped LED light bulbs installed tens of thousands of balls by hand, reminiscent of Spring Flower, To produce a story are reproduced with attention to detail mauve flower bloom spreads, like shimmering in the wind is a beautiful, solid impressive like the real wisteria.
A dreamy castle just like in a world of fairy tale of light and flowers the "Flower Castle" newly made appearance.
5,000 "Light Rose" suitable for the concept of "Light Flower Garden", "Light Water Lily" shining in 4 colors.
Aurora appears in the sky of "Snowworld" where the appearance of Santa Claus popular among children is reproduced in light.
In addition, "Light pyramid", "Everyone’s Earth", "Illumination Tower" 25m in height, that directs the amount of light by reflecting light on the surface of the water, appears overhead using the mountain slope, Mural painting "Flower field of the sky and the Milky Way", "Rainbow Magic" are also very popular.
Please come wearing warm clothes due it is cold outside. Pets are not allowed.

Venue Ashikaga Flower Park
Event name "Light Flower Garden ~ Flower Fantasy 2020 ~"
Ashikaga Flower Park is divided into 3 themes, is directing illumination which can only be seen here.
1. Light and flower collaboration October 17th - Mid November
2. Christmas fantasy late November to late December
3. New Year Illuminations New Year's Day ~ February 7th

Duration: October 17th (Saturday) 2020 - February 7th (Sunday) 2021
Evening performance : 16:30 to 21:00 (Saturday, Sunday, National holidays ~ 21: 30) ※ Lighting at 16:30
【Closed】 Closed on December 31st only
Admission Fee : Adults 1000 yen, Children 500 yen
About 600,000 people visited last year
Access : (train) Tomita Station on JR Ryōmō Line → 13 minutes on foot
Nearest station: "Ashikaga Flower Park Station" is opened in front of Ashikaga Flower Park West gate, 1 minute on foot

Access (car) 13 km 20 minutes from Sano Fujioka IC on Tohoku Expressway via Route No.50
Parking lot Available, 300 free of charge, extra temporary parking lot available (approximately 300 units)

Picture Provider: Tochigi Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association

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5.0a month ago

Beautiful flower park! Different flowers depending on the season.

4.09 months ago

Amazing winter illumination for adult and kids. There are many spots around the park dedicated for nice photography but some might need to queue up. The park is large but it is quite easy and relax to walk around within 2 hours. Go there early to avoid crowd. You can purchase the discounted ticket in advance at Lawson.

5.04 months ago

Ashikaga Flower Park is beautiful! Even though most of the wisteria flowers have finished blooming at their best, the park was still gorgeous with its design and the remainder of the flowers. The kids loved the abundance of ladybugs flying around. They also loved the food. We will definitely come back again!

4.09 months ago

Wonderfully cultivated and maintained, but it was far too busy in May (when the wisteria wasn’t even blooming) to really enjoy fully. It can be a nice place to get closeups of flowers and if you like taking pictures of other people taking pictures, then you’re in luck.

The park is a little small but it’s very densely packed and almost everything was in bloom. Either they try to time it all so it blooms in time with the wisteria, which seems to be the main attraction, or they spend a lot of time swapping out flowers mid season. I actually suspect it’s the latter based on the amount of gardeners there were in one of the areas.

If you’re thinking about going here from Tokyo, it’s not a bad train ride and I didn’t have to worry about getting an assigned seat on an express train, which can be difficult for a foreigner.

If you’re thinking about taking kids, I don’t think they had any playgrounds or anything like some other flower parks do.

The crowd is worse than my photos let on because I wasn’t seeking to document how many people were there. I just wanted nice pictures. Most of the open spaces weren’t much worse than shown but some of the paths got very crowded.

5.07 months ago

Ashikaga flower garden is a great place for tourists and the others. Also this place is one of the most famous park in the world. You must never forget this place along your trip to Japan. This place has 4 seasons,but the Visteria show in the spring and illumination in the winter is more famous.