Nov/3 - 29, 2020 Autumn Leaves Festival in Showa Memorial Park

Sightseeing information about Nov/3 - 29, 2020 Autumn Leaves Festival in Showa Memorial Park in Japan.

Nov/3 - 29, 2020 Autumn Leaves Festival in Showa Memorial Park3.7

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 from 11/3 '20 to 11/29 '20


Showa Memorial Park (Showa Kinen Park) is a 180ha-wide park in Tachikawa City, Tokyo and one of the best spots viewing the colors of autumn in Japan.

There are two Ginkgo Avenues ; one is along the canal near Tachikawa Gate. 106 ginkgo trees line up along 200-meter long avenue, and gingko reflected in the water is also beautiful. The other one is at the sports area in the middle of the park, and is called "Katarai Promenade". A golden tunnel made by 98 ginkgo trees line along the 300-meter long street. You can enjoy seeing yellow leaves contrast with the autumn blue sky, and walking on a golden carpet of fallen leaves.
Also, there is a huge Japanese garden with lots of maple trees. The red of maple trees really enhances the beautiful view of the garden.

Also, there are various events such as a nature tour, a guide tour of Japanese Garden, and a tea ceremony scheduled.
And Ginkgo trees are illuminated at night.

Festival Dates : Nov/3 - 29, 2020
Timing for leaves turning to yellow and red: Around late-October to late-November
Access : a 2-min walk from JR Nishi-Tachikawa Station or a 10-min walk from JR Tachikawa Station
Admission : 450 yen / adult (15-years and older), Free / child, 210 yen / 65-year and older

Opening Hours: 9:30〜16:30 *Nov.1 - the end of Feb.

*Please check the official website for the latest information. We can't answer any question about the article.

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5.0a week ago

A really spacious park with well-designed landscape. Looks especially gorgeous with autumn leaves. The park has a free area on the east side and a paid main area. Both of them have large grass fields for outdoor activities. I saw families picnicking, playing soccers and baseballs. There were also community gatherings going on like a group practicing drum dance. Overall a nice and relaxing local gem away from the city center.

5.0a week ago

The park is large and so beautiful. I've been there before during the summer of 2019 it had some flowers but the walk was peaceful and lots of green trees to see. This time around I waited until autumn or the ending thereof to see the trees shed and just to see the different colors. And I was not disappointed! It is a very large park however seats are all around so you can rest a bit. Restrooms are all over as well and small food shops and vending machines. I've been there snapping photos and videos and still didnt get to explore the large park fully but what I've seen is amazing. Will make it more than a yearly thing to visit.

5.0a month ago

We only saw a small portion of the park but really enjoyed it. The Japanese garden is amazing.
October 2020, again we visited and really enjoyed ourselves. We walked around the entire park seeing most of the attractions. Highly recommend.

5.02 weeks ago

simple perfect. For family, is one of the best places so far, the kids part is incredible. I strongly recommend the two day pass if you are staying close so you can explore everything. Don't miss the boat trip!!

5.0a month ago

It's the best park I've been so far in Japan--Even though I visited at a very cloudy day and a season that is much less flowery.
*There are many interestingly designed playing space, facilities and equipment for children at the children zone, I would probably never want to go home if I were a kid playing at this park.
*The Japanese garden has a breathtaking amazing scene around the lake. My camera died at that point so I only got some shots by my phone, I guess you can still see how worth visiting it is.
*Ticket for adult is 450 yen, and the parking for motorcycle is 260yen a day.
*The park closes at 5pm, and the broadcast will start nagging you to go home from around 16:30. Given how big it is, you might want to visit early. It does have some free park bus between different locations, I didn't take those though.