Oct/26 - Dec/8, 2019  Digital Art Exhibition of Flowers "FLOWERS BY NAKED 2019" -Kyoto· Nijo Castle-

Sightseeing information about Oct/26 - Dec/8, 2019  Digital Art Exhibition of Flowers "FLOWERS BY NAKED 2019" -Kyoto· Nijo Castle- in Japan.

Oct/26 - Dec/8, 2019  Digital Art Exhibition of Flowers "FLOWERS BY NAKED 2019" -Kyoto· Nijo Castle-3.6

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 from 11/2 '19 to 12/8 '19


"FLOWERS BY NAKED" will hold the flower's immersive event "FLOWERS BY NAKED 2019 -Kyoto· Nijo Castle-" at Nijo Castle, the first world heritage in western Japan.
"FLOWERS BY NAKED" is an immersive art event handled by Creative Company NAKED Inc., with a motif of flowers based on light and digital technology
As a result of mobilizing a total of 300,000 people, 50,000 posts of hashtag "#flowersbynaked" were posted on Instagram, as an art space where "photogenic" photographs can be taken.

In Nijo Castle where there are few trees to turn red in autumn, by fusing historical architecture and advanced art with the theme of "Flower and Tradition", you can fully enjoy a revolutionary Autumn of Nijo Castle.
In various places throughout the castleimmersive experiences are made, at the Important Cultural Property Daidokoro Kitchen there will be the first ever Light-up of Momiji (Japanese Maple), field of Susuki (Japanese pampas grass) swaying all over at the Important Cultural Property Ninomarugoten Okiyodokoro, spatial production of cosmos smelling when approaching, and projection mapping at Important Cultural Property Karamon.
In addition, works will be exhibited expressing autumn of Kyoto with "Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo" continued since the Muromachi period with Ikebana × Advanced Art.

Event Title: Autumn Special Light-up FLOWERS BY NAKED 2019 -Kyoto· Nijo Castle-
Dates: Oct. 26th,2019 (Sat) – Dec. 8th (Sun)
Time: 17:30-22:00 (Last admission 21:00)
Location: Nijo Castle
Address: 541 Nijocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Fees: Day Ticket: Adult ¥ 1400 Elementary school children: 800 yen
Ticket Agencies: Seven Ticket, Rakuten Ticket, Ticket PIA, Lawson Ticket, e+, Hanshin Playguide, CN Playguide

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3.02 weeks ago

Quite large park. The castle is definitely interesting to see. Everything seems to be lined with gold. Even the floor seems to shine a bit, even though it's just normal tatami. Most rooms are just that though. Tatami floor, yellow-golden walls with tiger paintings. The nightingale walkway is interesting to hear as well. All in all, I found it quite repetitive and unspectacular. This palace was used to impress the people and show the power of a nobleman. Back then, certainly that was quite something. Nowadays, it's just kitsch ;)

So for 1030¥, it's actually quite the rip-off. Though of course it's an experience you can only have here. So overall I'd recommend to go. Still think the price is way too high.

4.0a week ago

Definitely a nice way to spend some of your day if you enjoy old historical buildings. The castle grounds and gardens are very pretty. Sadly, even when buying the all-inclusive ticket, you still need to pay more in order to enter their closed exhibitions.

5.02 weeks ago

(visits: 3 or 4) one of the best castle experiences in Japan. Despite being the way too overcrowded Kyoto, the castle wasn't any where as close to as bad as Osaka castle crowed. This castle is very unique. Worth checking out. Nice park too.

3.0a week ago

This castle was really neat. The architecture in Asia are always interesting to see compared to Western buildings. The gardens were beautiful and the moat was a wonder to see with its carp and koi fish. The Castle itself is closed off so you can't enter inside and see anything. I was most amazed by the fact that this exists within the middle of a busy modern city. The contrast of this tranquil historical landmark to the busy modern traffic and city was what struck me the most.

5.0a week ago

This residence of the Shogun is definitely a must see in Kyoto. Housing the reportedly only palace in a castle in Japan the expanse takes a good 2-3 hrs to take in the sights of grounds & the two major buildings. While the Shogun's residence is accessible the larger palace used by the Emperor when he visits is undergoing restoration at this time. I found the English audio guide useful. There is a charge for that & for admission.