Jan/9 - 10 Yasaka Shrine Gion Ebessan 2020

Sightseeing information about Jan/9 - 10 Yasaka Shrine Gion Ebessan 2020 in Japan.

Jan/9 - 10 Yasaka Shrine Gion Ebessan 20203.3

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 from 1/9 '20 to 1/10 '20


Gion Ebessan 2020 is held at Yasaka Shrine in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City on January 9th and 10th, it is one of the winter traditions of Kyoto.
Deity of the Shrine, Susanoonomikoto (素戔鳴尊) decendant god Kotoshironushi-no-kami (事代主神), within Yasaka Shrine Kitamuki-Ebisusha Shrine (北向蛭子社) will decorate Oban (large-sized old Japanese gold coin), Koban (small-sized coin), sea bream and straw bag for good luck, and Fuku-zasa is gifted for thriving business and keeping ones family safe.
At Ebisu Shrine, Tomioka Tessai woodblock print "Takarabune (宝船)" will be distributed for free for limited 500 prints.
At the 9th 15:00, the Yoi-Ebisu Ebisu Ship Cruising will make a round trip from Yasaka Shrine to Shijo Karasuma with Shichifukujin, Fukumusume, Gion Daiko drum on the Ebisu-sen ship.
The route will be from Yasaka Shrine → Gion Ishidan-shita → passing through West at Shijodori Street → Yasaka Shrine Shijo Gotenko (Kajyadono Mairi冠者殿詣り) → Turn at Shijo Karasuma → passing through East at Shijo Street → Gion Ishidan-shita → Yasaka Shrine (around 16:30).
Fukuzuma will deliver Fuku-zasa to the shops along the roads in a lively calling, Fukumusume (Good fortune Girls) will distribute Fuku-zasa to the shops along the road.
On the 10th at the Ebisu-sha Shrine Festival, Fuku-zasa is granted in front of Ebisu-sha Shrine, and the "Moude(三社詣)" red seal is done to ward off evil and keep ones family safe.
No postponement for rain.

■Location: Yasaka Shrine
■Period: January 9th · 10th (※same date every year)
■Time: Yoi-Ebisu Shichifukujin Ship Cruising: January 9th 15:00~
Ebisu-sha Shrine Festival: January 10th 15:00~
Moude (三社詣): January 10th 10:00 ~ 19:00

■Access: About 20 minutes at 100 or 206 lines of city bus from the JR "Kyoto Station" to "Gion" bus stop
Or about 5 minutes on foot from Keihan Line "Gion Shijo" station, 15 minutes on foot from Hankyu Line "Kawaramachi" station, 10 minutes on foot from Keihan Line "Shijo" station

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5.0in the last week

Very pretty shrine, set in beautiful surroundings, the shrine dates from 6th century, it's a more muted style set in pretty grounds. The buildings are very pretty, it's impressive the number of lanterns in one of the buildings. It's all beautifully maintained, there is a famous festival that's held also. Highly recommended.

5.03 weeks ago

Beautiful shrine. For a street photographer (or any photographer) this is a place where you can’t leave your camera behind. Pink sky in the evening, Kimonos worn with pride, all makes for a great Japanese show.

5.0a month ago

The shrine itself isn't all that interesting, but walk up inside and go either left or right and you'll get yourself a treat to some of the most wonderful places in Japan with a unique atmosphere. Don't even bother with the food sold during Hutsumode tho (Japanese New Year shrine visit, often in the afternoon or at night during the first week of the year), just go there for the atmosphere instead.

4.0a week ago

The shrine was quite crowded when I came. Mostly by people who came not only to see the shrine but also pray.
Many small stalls inside the area, right after you enter their gate. They sell not only food but also some souvenirs.
I suggest to come at night, as the shrine illuminates and came out really good in the camera.

5.02 weeks ago

Beautiful, and the most visible and important shrine in Kyoto. We went on New year's day and it was completely packed. Japan being Japan, the crowd wasn't so bad as everybody was behaving.