Yorokeikoku Momiji Matsuri

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Yorokeikoku Momiji Matsuri3.7

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 from 11/23 '18 to 11/23 '18


Natural beauty of the seasons seen in the Yoro River in Otaki-machi and the Ichihara city, especially fall foliage scenery is stunning and artistic.
Valley with gentle yourou River and autumn is the slowest in the Kanto area fall foliage spots (best time to visit: early December from 11 November) is.
Boso guidemap falls called the falls of the excellent collaboration with spectacular waterfalls and fall foliage.
Besides "watarase Valley's plum" and many attractions including the tsutsumori Maple Valley.
It will be one of the hot springs.
11/2018 late-early December 17:00-21:30 autumn light (guidemap falls, Oikawa crossroads, Boardwalk on Labor Day "Endowment Valley Maple Festival" held. [No isumi railway on Kazusa-Nakano station], t. WINS pot pork sales and in front of Center Valley echo [Endowment] demonstration of rice-cake making and selling, [former member branch] in
Will be using locally grown buckwheat noodles and baked sweet potato sales, Japanese Taiko drumming performances, chainsaw art, etc.

Also, sales of agricultural products utilizing the characteristics of the area in each venue. Meeting where Chair in train on Kazusa-Nakano station, Yoro ravine yamabiko Center front and former Association Branch date 11/23 (holiday) time 10:00-15:00 charges and costs admission free preferred Yoro ravine station walk one minute
; From the Metropolitan inter-city Expressway city crane dance IC to the guidemap falls from kominato railway yōrōkeikoku station guidemap kominato railway bus 14, guidemap falls off quickly went by car route 297 from 465 to go 30 minutes
Speaking from Rio road city crane dance IC route 297-route 168-County Road 81, then Park about 25 minutes free (branch) free parking old Association field Center echo

PurposeFestivals,elderly,reasonable,family,mountain climbing,Japanese resort,hot springs,shrine/temple,autumn foliage,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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