Oct/19,Oct/26 - 27, 2020 Imari Ton Ten Ten Festival

Sightseeing information about Oct/19,Oct/26 - 27, 2020 Imari Ton Ten Ten Festival in Japan.

Oct/19,Oct/26 - 27, 2020 Imari Ton Ten Ten Festival4.3

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 from 10/19 '20 to 10/27 '20


Imari Ton-Ten-Ton Festival in Saga Prefecture is well known as one of Japan’s three great fighting festival. It is a ritual of Imari Shrine. Its name comes from the sound of taiko drum beats. The sound of Ton-Ten-Ton drum beats signal the cue for the teams to run at each other crashing their portable shrines(mikoshi).
Two portable shrines(mikoshi), Aramikoshi and Danjiri, meet at various points throughout central Imari City. They are smashed together simultaneously until one mikoshi falls back.

On the final day of the festival, you can see the climax of the festival, "Kawa-Otoshi Battle", a pair of portable shrines clash and rush down into the river. The winning team is the one who first brings their shrine up to the land, and they would be given good luck in the year to come.

[10/24] The soul putting the affair
[10/25] the awning

Venue: Imari Shrine
Address: 83, Tachibana-cho, Imari City, Saga
Access: 10 minute walk from Imari Station of JR

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3.03 months ago

Nice shrine. It is being prepped for the new year right now and a number of paths were closed off.

5.0a year ago

This shrine is currently undergoing construction on the base buildings, however the upper levels are still open. This shrine is particularly of note as at open of the upper levels is a monument to Morinaga, founder of the candy company and born in Imari. It’s peaceful walking around this shrine next to the river. During Ton Ten Ton, this shrine has a lot going on and it’s worth stopping in at that time.

5.02 months ago

It is the guardian deity of the city of Imari. It's a little far from the station, so let's walk around. It is located on the banks of the Imari River, which is the source of the city, but in addition to the characteristic tower gate, the shrine located a little above the river is interesting because it is hard to find anywhere else. I visited the shrine first thing in the morning of the holidays, and it was a wonderful palace with a quiet, refreshing and gentle air. In the precincts, there is a monument to the founder of Morinaga Confectionery, a celebrity of modern Imari.

4.04 months ago

Total guardian of Imari city ⛩️

From Imari station, walk along the banks of the river. It's about 15 minutes.

When you enter the precincts, you will be greeted by a magnificent Hizen torii gate. The Suitenmon Gate, reminiscent of Ryugu Castle, reminded me of Akama Shrine in Yamaguchi Prefecture, soothing my heart 😊

It was a shrine that made me feel relieved for some reason after worshiping (* ^^ *)

5.04 months ago

I visited Imari Shrine
I stopped by just saying Imari Shrine in Imari City, but I got the power.
Since the red stamp was said to be after worship, it cannot be deposited before worship.
The "Musubi no Okusu" next to the tower gate has a strange shape, and is it difficult to understand even from below?
Let's take a closer look! ️