Oct/26 - 31 virtual Shibuya Halloween

Sightseeing information about Oct/26 - 31 virtual Shibuya Halloween in Japan.

Oct/26 - 31 virtual Shibuya Halloween4.6

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 from 10/26 '20 to 10/31 '20


Shibuya Ward official distribution platform "Virtual Shibuya" will hold a virtual event "Virtual Shibuya au 5G Halloween Festival" from October 26th to 31st as an alternative to the real Halloween event.
Please download 「cluster」to join it.
Halloween is “an event to wish for the rich harvest in autumn, and drive out evil spirits", but it has become a famous worldwide loose event where children dress up as ghosts and ask for candy.
It is now more advanced, in the Halloween season, it is popular among young people to dress up and get out on the streets.
Although popular theme parks also gets very exciting, Shibuya Halloween is the Halloween where there is no organizer with abnormal number of people bustling, "Shibu Hallo" for short.
Every year it's talked about in the news, and as for the result of 2017, the turnout has reached roughly 1 million people.
There are many women who dress in beautiful cosplay such as classic witches, little devils, angels, and various character costumes are very popular every year.
People wearing a mask, dressed as clowns, and seriously doing zombie make-up brings up the scariness of Halloween.
People with funny costumes, costumes full of reality, sexy costumes and a variety of people are rolling out to the city of Shibuya, and strangers get along with connection of costumes, take pictures together, and the streets of Shibuya get very exciting.
People can experience the extraordinary in Shibuya with open-minded Japanese people.

Venue is around "SHIBUYA109".
"Shibuya scramble intersection, Culture Street next to SHIBUYA109 and Dogenzaka" will be pedestrian heaven.

Schedule: October 26th ~ 31st, 2019
Time: 18:00 ~ 22:00 (people start to gather around 17:00, traffic control time is generally around 19:30 to 23:30)

As changing clothes is difficult, it is better to grasp the method of how to change clothes, location and fee in advance.
Because it is expected to be very crowded, please pay attention to your safety by avoiding congestion.
Littering is a major problem in previous years, so please keep the town clean.

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