Nov/2 - 3, 2019 The 42th Shibuya City`s Kumin no Hiroba Festival

Sightseeing information about Nov/2 - 3, 2019 The 42th Shibuya City`s Kumin no Hiroba Festival in Japan.

Nov/2 - 3, 2019 The 42th Shibuya City`s Kumin no Hiroba Festival (Furusato Shibuya Festival)3.4

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 from 11/2 '19 to 11/3 '19


The 42th Furusato Shibuya Festival takes place on 2nd & 3rd of November at Yoyogi Park.
There are lots of fun events such as the big parade of marching bands of over 2,500 people, stage shows, stamp rally, and more, scheduled.
Also, local specialties from friendship-city are sold, and Nagano Apple are given out for free!

The 42th Furusato Shibuya Festival '19 (Shibuya City's Kumin-no-Hiroba Festival)
Dates : November 2(Sat), 2019 10:00~16:30, November 3(Sun), 2019 10:00~16:00
Access : Meiji-jingu-mae Station, Harajuku Station, Yoyogi-hachiman Station, Yoyogi-koen Station
Venue : Yoyogi Park B Area, and more
Admission : Free

Date : November 2(Sat), 8:55~10:00
Course : Harajuku Course(depart at Jingumae Elementary School), Shibuya Course(depart at Jinnan Elementary School), Yoyogi Course(depart at Tomigaya Elementary School)

Stage Show
Traditional Art Performance, Character Show, Kids Show , and more

Free Nagano's Apple
Apples from Iida City, Nagano are given out for free. *First come, first served.
Date : November 3(Sun), 13:30~

Making Rice Cake(Mochi) Event
You can eat a freshly pounded mochi!
Date : November 2, 3 11:00~

Petting Zoo
You can pet an Akita Dog on Nov.2, and feed or brush a pony on Nov.3. Also you can experience a pony-riding.

Challenged Sports
Ex-Japanese national player teaches how to play Wheelchair Basketball.
Nov.2 11:00 - 16:00
Nov.3 10:00 - 15:30

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4.0a month ago

Some festival held here. It a nice open area. It's near to the yoyogi park as well if you are tired with the crowd.

4.0a year ago

Yoyogi Park, located within the Harajuku area It is considered one of the largest parks in Tokyo. Can be seen from the amount of people who come to relax on a daily basis that is not less Can be called just stepping into the garden, suddenly feeling calm and peaceful Because there is a large pool and there is a dense forest area lined up with the whole area Which is not uncommon to have people come to relax or come to do activities, whether it is a light exercise, running, winding up, going to sit for a picnic or spend that time. But saying that making this garden very famous is seen as one of Tokyo's most beautiful cherry blossoms and red leaves. It can be said that these two seasons have been overwhelmingly popular. If you say that it is worth the effort, because it's really beautiful. Plus, traveling is easy and super easy. That if you don't want to throw the ax along the city, this is probably the answer.

5.07 months ago

Best place to visit on a weekend if you’re around Shibuya or Harajuku areas.

4.08 months ago

A common place to see performances during fairs at the park. It'll get crowded, so you'll have to be there early to see the act you're interested in as the seating is just a flat lot.

4.0a year ago

Nice big park. Always some festivals happening here. Just do a google search for Yoyogi park festival so that you can check the timetable.