Nov/2 - 24, 2019 Kibune Momiji Lantern Illumination

Sightseeing information about Nov/2 - 24, 2019 Kibune Momiji Lantern Illumination in Japan.

Nov/2 - 24, 2019 Kibune Momiji Lantern Illumination3.7

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 from 11/2 '19 to 11/24 '19


Kifune Shrine is located in the northern mountains of Kyoto, and the shrine is dedicated to the god of water.
The shrine is also known to have granted the wish of restoring a relationship for a famous Japanese poet of the Heian Period (Izumi-Shikibu).

During 3rd and 25th of November, the Momiji Lantern Festival takes place at an area surrounding Kifune Shrine and Eizan Railway. Momiji are Japanese maple leaves, the symbol of Japanese autumn. Momiji leaves will be lit up at surrounding of the Kifune Shrine, and the path to the shrine will be illuminated with subtle light. The main attraction is the Momiji Tunnel that runs between Ninose Station and Ichihara Station, and it will be lit up as well. As the train runs through the Momiji Tunnel, it will cut its lights and slow down for passengers to enjoy the lit-up Momiji trees with autumnal hues.
Also, you can enjoy the beautiful foliage view of Mt.Kurama from Kibune area.

Dates : November 2 - 24, 2019
Hours : sunset - around 9 p.m.
Venue : Kifune Shrine and Eizan Railway
Address : 180 Kuramakibune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Access : a 30-min walk from Kibuneguchi Station

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4.04 months ago

Great place to visit on a half-day trip. The Kifune Ginga Shrine offers the fresh air of nature and the richness of culture.

The highlight was the fortune telling that worked only after dipping in water. Use the QR code to interpret your fortune.

Other than the distance to Kyoto, was an excellent trip. Would recommend for those with a little more time in Kyoto.

5.0a month ago

Definitely worth it if you're nearby Kyoto. It's a little far but it's a nice day trip. It's a little tiring if you want to climb the mountain, so be aware of that. Beautiful views, nice shrines and not crowded as other Shrines.

4.02 months ago

Cool place with calm environments around. Deep in the mountains but with MRT and bus it's not so hard to get there. You can enjoy trail hiking, traditional Japanese shrines, and restaurants nearby that are kind of built on rivers.

4.0a month ago

Beautiful mountain shrine. Great fun to soak your feet in the river when the summer is super hot there.

5.04 months ago

Gorgeous little shrine in a beautiful valley. It is really worth the visit. And if you go in summer you will be able to have lunch in one of the many restaurants "over" the river.