Feb/14, 2021 Toba Fire Festival (Cancled)

Sightseeing information about Feb/14, 2021 Toba Fire Festival (Cancled) in Japan.

Feb/14, 2021 Toba Fire Festival (Cancled)3.8

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 from 2/14 '21 to 2/14 '21


Cancellation .It will not hold on in 2021.
Every second Sunday of February, Toba Shinmei Shrine in Nishio City holds a Fire Festival with a fire pillar rising in the clear winter night sky .
This festival is called "Toba Dai-kagaribi (The Great Bonfire of Toba)" with 1,200 years history, and one of the most dangerous fire festivals in Japan.
Two giant torches, each 5 meters tall and weighing 2 tons, are set up and lit within the grounds of the shrine, and men called "kami otoko" who are divided into 2 teams jump into the flames and compete to bring out sacred trees and 12 ropes that have been placed in the fires and offer them to the god. The results of the competition are used to divine the year's weather and whether the harvest will be good or bad.

3:00 PM - Misogi Purification Ritual
7:30 PM - Summoning Ritual
8:00 PM - Fire Light-Up

Date: Annually on the second Sunday of February
February 14th (Sun), 2021
Venue: Toba Shinmeisha Shrine
Location: 89 Aza Nishibasama, Toba-cho, Nishio-City, Aichi Prefecture
Fee : Free
Transportation: 10 minutes on foot from Mikawa-Toba Station of the Meitetsu Gamagori Line
Parking lot: Available (at Furusato Park & Fish Market and others, about 400 temporary parking lot available)
*: No parking available at the shrine.

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PurposeFestivals,thrilling,parade,that you'll never forget,Traditional folk,shrine/temple
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5.010 months ago

They have a fire festival here every year the second Sunday of February. It’s a really cool thing to see.

4.02 years ago

In February every year held Toba Fire festival

5.04 years ago

toba fire festival is a very nice and famous event

3.02 months ago

I want to see the fire festival!
I hope the next fire festival will not be canceled ...

5.011 months ago

The fire festival is held on the second Sunday of February every year. I think it is worth seeing that the festival is very courageous, and the flames created by the festival shine red in the night sky.