Toba Fire Festival

Sightseeing information about Toba Fire Festival in Japan.

Toba Fire Festival (Toba-no-Himatsuri)3.8

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 from 2/10 '19 to 2/10 '19


Pillar of fire rising into the night sky in winter every year on the second Sunday of February, Nishio city Toba Shinmeisha Temple, a Fire Festival will be held with a fire pillar rising in the clear winter night sky .
Transmitted from the Heian period of 1,200 years ago, was officially called "Toba-dai-kagaribi (鳥羽大篝火)", is Japan's most dangerous fire festival.
Strange festival of the world, and was designated a national important intangible folk cultural property from 2004.
Two gigantic torches "Suzumi" with a height of 5 meters and a weight of 2 tons are installed in the precincts and the fire is lit, "Shinotoko"divided into two groups in the east and west jump into the flame, take out the Sacred tree (Kamiki) and Jyuni-nawa rope, and offers to the gods.
By victory or defeat, the weather and harvest of that year will be told.

【Festival eve】around 13:00 Making "Suzumi" in the precincts

【Festival day】 around 15: 00 Shinotoko and server depart to "Misogi (禊)" from Shinmeisha Temple to the sea
Around 15:30 Enter naked in the sea and purify yourself in the cold wind
Around 19:30 Begin Shinto ritual before god
Around 20:00 Ignition of Suzumi
About 20:30 Sacred tree (Kamiki) · Jyuni-nawa rope is offered before god and the Shinto ritual is over

Date: Second Sunday of February every year /
Venue: Toba Shinmeisha Temple
Location: Nishio city, Toba-cho, Nishibasama 89
Free of charge
Transportation: 10 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu Gamagori Line "Mikawatoba" station
Parking lot: Available (Furusato Park · Fish Market and others, about 400 temporary parking lot)
※No parking in the premises

PurposeFestivals,thrilling,that you'll never forget,shrine/temple
Airport/Sta.Mikawa-Toba Station (about 800m) Google Transit


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In February every year held Toba Fire festival

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toba fire festival is a very nice and famous event

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毎年 時期が来ると{火祭り}が有ります。