Nov/16 - 17, 2019 Toyokawa Inari Autumn Festival

Sightseeing information about Nov/16 - 17, 2019 Toyokawa Inari Autumn Festival in Japan.

Nov/16 - 17, 2019 Toyokawa Inari Autumn Festival (Chinzasai Festival)3.8

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 from 11/16 '19 to 11/17 '19


The autumn festival will be held at Toyokawa Inari Shrine, one of Japan's three great Inari Shrines, with more than 1000 large and small stone statues of foxes and Reikozuka (fox burial mound).
It is the Thanksgiving Festival, also called Chinzasai Festival, which Mikoshi Togyo Procession and Chigogyoretsu (children's parade) are performed lively.
On the first day thanking for a fruitful year, a prayer service will be held to pray for the national security and abundant peace, followed by the passage of the shrine's Mikoshi from the main hall to the temple.
Togyo Gyoretsu, is a lively parade after the youngster with the white fox mask followed by a group of faithful representatives, young children, Garaku band, shrine mikoshi and monks.
The next day, the Mikoshi will go from the temple to the main hall, and a big prayer service will be held.
One week before the festival, monks who cleansed their mind and body covered in water doing major prayer service every day, and one of the biggest lanterns in Japan raised is famous.
Many lanterns from small to large are hung 10m in height, 5m in diameter, also known as the "Oh-chochin Matsuri (Large Lantern Festival)".
Besides this, there are also performances of Taisho Koto and Wadaiko on stage, and free entertainment for eating and drinking in the precincts.
Also, on the same day at Omotesando shopping district, "Inari Rakuichi (free market)" is being held, there are many entertaining events, such as Nokishita-toitaichi (under eaves door panel market), street performance, the specialty Chindonya Parade and so on.

Date: November 16th (Saturday), November 17th (Sunday), 2019 *Cancelled in case of rain
Holding time: 9: 00-19: 00
Mikoshi Togyo / Chigogyoretsu (children's parade)【16th (Saturday)】 14: 30 ~ 【17th (Sunday)】 13: 30 ~
【Both days】 17: 00 ~ Precincts Lantern lighting ceremony (participation free)
Venue: Toyokawa Inari Shrine
Location: 1 Toyokawa-machi, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture

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5.02 years ago

This place was easy to get to from the train station. The temple ground was large, perfect for a walk with small children. In the front of the temple there is a small street lined with restaurants and gift shops. I tried the strawberry filled mochi, delicious! I also heard that there is a very good unagi restaurant at this location too.

5.02 years ago

Visited last week. Awesome religious place, local busy streets, foods and gift shops😍

4.02 years ago

I was staying in Hamamatsu in August 2016. I have visited Fushimi Inari(伏見稻荷) in Kyoto so I decided to visit Toyokawa Inari, and this didn't disappoint me. The shopping arcade is kind of meh, but the main area of Inari is comparable to the Kyoto one. You just couldn't skip the fox zone where numerous fox statues are there "staring" at you.

4.02 years ago

Toyokawa Inari is the temple and shrine of the fox gods. It is one of Japan's Big Three Inari Shrines, along with Kyoto's Fushimi Inari and the Yutoku Inari Shrine in Saga Prefecture. There are thousands of stone foxes and carvings located throughout the shrine. Free admission and a key attraction of the area.

3.0a year ago

It's a parking lot, it'll be busy during large events such as new years and golden week.