Izu Shaboten Zoo, Pioneer Capybara Open Air Bath

Sightseeing information about Izu Shaboten Zoo, Pioneer Capybara Open Air Bath in Japan.

Izu Shaboten Zoo, Pioneer Capybara Open Air Bath4.1

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 from 11/17 '18 to 4/7 '19


Izu Shaboten Zoo where you can interact surprisingly closely with 1500 kinds of cactuses and 120 kinds of animals including Capybara.
"Capybara Open Air Bath" at Izu Shaboten Zoological Park, was discovered by chance when the breeding staff used hot water to clean the capybara exhibition hall in the winter of 1982, finding the Capybara soaking in the pooled hot water and relaxing.
As the birthplace, "original capybara's open-air bath" celebrates its 36th anniversary this winter.
The family of "Capybara Outdoor Bath" of Capybara Plaza is a large family of 13 Capybaras in total.
In this season as well, you can watch the appearance of the Capybara family who bathe in a bathtub looking to feel relaxing comfortably.
When the keepers turn the faucet, and hot water pours they move to the outdoor bath just as if they were "waiting" for it.
There is a big fuss above and under, with Capybara placing its body under the hot water and having "Utaseyu (hot waterfall shower)", and capybara too comfortable and unintentionally sleeping in the bath.
The appearance of Capybara taking a bath is very sweet, making people watching feeling lovely.
Capybara gets in many unique baths such as Yuzu bath and heart-shaped apple bath, etc.

◆Period: November 17, 2018 (Sat) to April 7, 2019 (Sun)
◆Time: Every day, 1:30 pm to about 1 hour. ※Until Capybara is satisfied.
※Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays, December 22 - January 6, 2019, March 21 - April 7, 2019 is also carried out from 10:30 am.
◆Location: Izu Shaboten Animal Park Capybara Plaza ※There are commentaries by keepers as well.
◆Admission fee / adult (junior high school student or above) 2300 yen · elementary school student 1100 yen · infant (4 years old and over) 400 yen · over 70 years old 1900 yen
◆Address: Shizuoka prefecture, Ito City, Futo 1317-13
◆Access: From JR Ito line Ito station to Tokai Bus Shaboten Koen (Shaboten Zoo) direction 35 minutes, close off terminal point

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3.0a month ago

Rather small but fun zoo. The children enjoyed the animal show. We did feel that some of the animals had very limited space.
Also rather expensive when compared to other Japanese zoos we've visited

4.0a month ago

A little pricey and some of the enclosures look a bit worn out and old. The bird paradise enclosure was excellent. Really large space where you can feed and interact with all sort of birds including flamingos. My 3 year old loved it

3.03 weeks ago

Very interesting even if it was small, I enjoyed the enclosed gardens a lot and the variety of plats. The animals looks good in general, but it's true some cages are small, this is an issue with all zoos. Even so, the bird section was nice because they had space and lots of vegetation, I liked that. The capybara are really cute and they seem calm around people, I saw some of them enjoying belly rubs from people and rolling in the floor while chilling. They'll also come to you by their own for food, they didn't seem to hate the attention. At the petting zoo, I saw how the staff changed the ginea pig so they rest, but some animals there may need way less brightness in the environment. I also went to Izu Animal Kingdom and that one was incredibly bad in regards of the animal care, so comparing between both, this park is a better experience.

5.0a month ago

Located in my hometown - affordable and great for whole family. Very interactive with animals from around the work. rarely busy

3.0a month ago

The capybaras were adorable! So chill, easy to take pictures with, happy to eat the grass you could buy for 200 yen pr piece. Many of the places it looked like the animals were treated well, but for some animals, like the sloth, the otters and most of the animals in the "Mexican area" had way too small cages, looked bored and depressed. I felt so sad looking at them. It is worth the trip though, if nothing else, then just for the capybaras! I recommend not going to the Mexican part at all if seeing sad animals make you sad, too.