Nov/21, 2020 - Apr/4, 2021 Izu Shaboten Zoo, Originator an open-air bath of Capybara

Sightseeing information about Nov/21, 2020 - Apr/4, 2021 Izu Shaboten Zoo, Originator an open-air bath of Capybara in Japan.

Nov/21, 2020 - Apr/4, 2021 Izu Shaboten Zoo, Originator an open-air bath of Capybara 4.1

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 from 11/21 '20 to 4/4 '21


Izu Shaboten Zoo where you can interact surprisingly closely with 1500 kinds of cactuses and 120 kinds of animals including Capybara.
"An open-air bath of Capybara " at Izu Shaboten Zoological Park, was discovered by chance when the breeding staff used hot water to clean the capybara exhibition hall in the winter of 1982, finding the Capybara soaking in the pooled hot water and relaxing.
The family of "Capybara Outdoor Bath" of Capybara Plaza is a large family of 13 Capybaras in total.
In this season as well, you can watch the appearance of the Capybara family who bathe in a bathtub looking to feel relaxing comfortably.
When the keepers turn the faucet, and hot water pours they move to the outdoor bath just as if they were "waiting" for it.
There is a big fuss above and under, with Capybara placing its body under the hot water and having "Utaseyu (hot waterfall shower)", and capybara too comfortable and unintentionally sleeping in the bath.
The appearance of Capybara taking a bath is very sweet, making people watching feeling lovely.
Capybara gets in many unique baths such as Yuzu bath and heart-shaped apple bath, etc.

◆Period: November 21, 2020 (Sat) to April 4, 2021 (Sun)
◆Time: Every day,
Weekday : 1:30 pm to about 1 hour. ※Until Capybara is satisfied.
Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays, December 19 - January 5, March 20 - April 4 : ①10:30 ~ 11:30 ②13:30 ~ 14:30
◆Location: Izu Shaboten Animal Park Capybara Plaza ※There are commentaries by keepers as well.
◆Admission fee / adult (junior high school student or above) 2400 yen · elementary school student 1200 yen · infant (4 years old and over) 400 yen · over 70 years old 1900 yen
◆Address: Shizuoka prefecture, Ito City, Futo 1317-13
◆Access: a 35-min bus ride for Shaboten Park from Ito Station on JR Ito Line

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4.0in the last week

This place doubles as botanical garden and zoo. The botanical garden has deep knowledge of cacti and the garden houses are built in each region. Owls live in it and I could watch them closer.
The zoo has many kind of small animals. In winter, I could watch capybaras (big mice) soaking in hot springs. That's so cute.
Totally I recommend the place.

5.03 months ago

What I like the most about this park is that many animals are mostly free to roam around. Unless the animal might be dangerous, they try not to use fences or only small ones (penguins could totally escape if they wanted with the tiny fences)

You get to go inside their space and feed them. Some are very curious and will come very close !
I think the park made efforts to avoid putting animals in tiny cages with concrete flooring and most animals have nice environment (of course it’s not perfect but it’s way way way better than Ueno Zoo for example) which I appreciate.

5.04 months ago

I highly recommend visiting here. The park is large and very open. You often see birds and monkeys travelling about uncaged. You can pet almost all of the animals, and the zoo provides treats for a small fee at every turn so you can feed them by hand. I came outside of golden week on a weekday, and it was so dead that it was almost like having the whole zoo to ourselves. There is also a succulent/cacti garden where you could fill a tray of plants and choose from over a hundred different pots. This was honestly the best zoo I've ever attended.

4.06 months ago

We had a great day going to this zoo.
Highlight: the Capybara, can be seen in two spots including the hot bath (in winter) plus played with right after entering the park.
You can buy food to feed the animals, for feeding the pelicans there even is fish to feed.

The concept is interesting, no high fences, to a degree that I wonder how they keep the animals from escaping.

4.0a month ago

Great place for a weekend outing. Many of the animals are without cages and mingling along with visitors, petting also is allowed, which makes for a great up-close experience. Mt.Omuro is right next to this and that adds to the scenic beauty of the place..there are some discounts with the Mt. Omuro lift tickets as well..
All in all, makes for a good outing place...