Oct/7 - 9, 2019 Nagasaki Kunchi Festival

Sightseeing information about Oct/7 - 9, 2019 Nagasaki Kunchi Festival in Japan.

Oct/7 - 9, 2019 Nagasaki Kunchi Festival3.9

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 from 10/7 '19 to 10/9 '19


From 7th to 9th October, the city of Nagasaki celebrates this dynamic festival with exotic floats and dances. This autumn festival dating back to the 17th century is dedicated to Suwa Shrine in prayer for good harvest. The floats take form of dragons, whales, drums, trade ships and many others, the design and style of which shows a strong influence from Portugal, the Netherlands and China.

The festival's name is believed to derive from ku-nichi ('9th day'), or the ninth day of the ninth month in the lunar calendar. The dances of Western clowns combined with Japanese traditional performance are very comical, and the final day has a climax event to carry the dragon float up the stairs leading to the shrine. Similar Kunchi festivals are held in different time and places in northern Kyushu.

Each city district has its own kasaboko(decoration combined umbrella and halberd carried on floats), and a kasaboko parade where kasaboko parasols weighning over 100 kilograms are powerfully spun around is the must-see event.

-Suwa Shrine ; 18-15 Kaminishiyamamachi, Nagasaki
Take the tram bound for Hotarujaya from Nagasaki Station, then exit at the bus stop in front of Suwa Shrine.

-Chuo Park ; 5-100 Nigiwaimachi, Nagasaki
Take the tram bound for Sofukuji Temple from Nagasaki Station, then transit at Chinatown bound for Ishibashi, then exit at Megane-bashi(Spectacles Bridge).

- Otabijo ; 10-4 Motofunamachi, Nagasaki *next to Yumesaito
Take the tram bound for Akasako or Shokakuji and alight at the Ohato stop.

-Yasaka Shrine ; 8-53 Kajiya, Nagasaki
Take the tram bound for Sofukuji Temple and exit at Sofukuji Temple.

Dates: October 7 - 9, 2019

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5.02 weeks ago

The view form the top of Suwa Shirne is marvellous

5.04 months ago

A very peaceful place which is less commercial.
There's also a tiny zoo beside the shrine, pretty lovely.

5.09 months ago

It is best to experience this place in New Year's Eve. It runs 24 hours for a few days with street food, sake, and games.

A historical side note, it is relatively large for a city of this size. That is because it was commissioned to combat Catholicism doing the Tokugawa period when Catholicism was banned in Japan

5.06 months ago

Great step back in time. Beautifully preserved

5.05 months ago

Great view of the city!