Jan/3, 2020 Tamaseseri Festival at Hakozakigu Shrine

Sightseeing information about Jan/3, 2020 Tamaseseri Festival at Hakozakigu Shrine in Japan.

Jan/3, 2020 Tamaseseri Festival at Hakozakigu Shrine4.0

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Hakozakigu Shrine in Fukuoka is one of the three major Hachimangu Shrines in Japan.
Every 3rd January, Hakozakigu Shrine holds the Tamaseseri Festival, or Ball-Catching Festival with 300-years history to pray for a bumper crop and good catch for the year. Two groups of half-naked men compete for a lucky 8kg ball at Hakozakigu Shrine. The wooden ball 28cm in diameter will be carried some 250m to the shrine.

The men are divided into the Land Team, made up of people working on land, and the Sea Team comprised of fishermen.
At 1 p.m., two purified balls are brought to the Tamatori Ebisu Shrine. At the moment two balls are handed to half-naked men, the battle starts. About 300 half-naked men scramble to capture the ball until they pass under the torii gate.If a member of the Land Team gets the ball, New Year will bring rich harvest to the people. If a member of the Sea Team gets the ball, New Year will give the people a very good catch.
It is just fun to look at some 300 men wearing only loincloths chase a ball amid cries of "oisa, oisa!".

Date : January 3, 2020
Hours : 13:00~14:30
Venue : Tamatori Ebisu Shrine ~ Hakozakigu Shrine
Address : 1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka
Access :
3-mins walk from Hakozakigu-mae Station on subway
8-mins walk from JR Hakozaki Station

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5.0a month ago

I have been here once and I really love the huge shrine public place and I was able to also witness a priest performance when I came. People told me to check out the 放生会 Festival in Autumn. Seems like to be the main attraction here.

Anyway always worth a visit when you come to beautiful Fukuoka!

4.011 months ago

At September, we went to the “放生会”! The atmosphere was great, good food good staff and good people (over ten thousands people eating and walking on street but no rubbish on floor, you can imagine how they were behaved well). However, no rubbish and no washroom, it was not very convenient for people to go for eating street food and drinking. Although there were 200 shops but most of the food and drinks were repeating. Anyway it was a really great experience during the mid autumn.

4.011 months ago

Very well-maintained shrine and beautiful gate. Comfortable neighborhood to walk around. Good big supermarket nearby. Cozy area.

5.08 months ago

A shrine with spacious grounds to explore and observe the religious practices of the Japanese.

5.010 months ago

Love it. Very traditional and you can try your luck/fortune there as well